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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cockroach here, reflecting on the VJCCO concert attended last Thursday at VJC. It was such a different experience watching a JC's CO play, instead of the professionals or amateurs like us. They were the people caught in between the two standards; impressive but also needed improvements. Neverthesless, it was quite an exciting day (and night)!

The morning started with a bang with combined sports meet with *ahem*. I don't really see the point in having such a combined sports meet; it only kills more innocent cockroaches. Oh well, after the exhausting morning, juniors and seniors headed back home/Snowwoman's house for a little rest. Snowwoman, I heard your dog was cute! But errm no. I dont think dogs would take to cockroaches like me very well. Nooo...

Soon after, we met up in Orchard/Somerset and had our dinner there. X-ray, who lived in the VJC area, kindly directed us all the way from there to Bedok, and all the way into VJC. It was quite a sight to have NYCOYQP on the MRT/bus; we could very well be the next motor-mouths of Channel 5's new variety show!

Arriving at VJC at dusk, it could be noticed that VJC was still buzzing with activities and fun. Right, Baby, the renowned instituition looked like a resort indeed! While I was gawking at the beauty of the place, Daffy the Duck was awarded with a starfruit and Guo Lao with an orange. In case if you suspect us to be spreading propaganda of fruity surprises, you are wrong. We are just promoting our healthy beliefs through fruit. Tsk tsk. Even a cockroach has to remind you of that.

The concert was an eventful one, starting with the interesting piece "Tai Yang", or "Sun". Gracing the unique characteristics of the percussion section, it was an upbeat introduction that brought about much buzz in the audience. The ensemble also belted out different tunes of melancholy like "Liang Xiao", familiarity like "Pan Deng", complete with guzheng solos and beautiful music.

The finale came when the orchestra did an encore for Guo Lao, who had made plans for further musical studies later this year and had decided to leave. The song, a happy one, screeched a certain solemness in the air. Guo Lao was mean; why did he want to leave us behind? Sigh. I am one puzzled cockroach.

Soon after, it was time to head home, apparent with a weary NYCOYQP. With most of us riding on the MRT, the night faded away... Oh yes. I reached my cockroach nest at 12.48pm. Sigh. I am one tired cockroach...

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