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Friday, May 05, 2006
HELLO! Your SL is here to blog! I think I'm damn lag lah, now then write my first entry on this blog. Anyway, I have heard some stuff about dazu today! woots! yangqin arh... you all know eh, practice hard! (: did you all like almost yi ge yi ge lai? must jiayou! not just for Mrs Ee's dazu but also for Linlaoshi's dazus. And not only for yangqin but also for percussion. AND not only for dazu but also for xiaozu!

whoohoo. Just to let you all know, me and Felicia will be back for practices next week. Do not fret! XD How did you all manage without sec4s around for one week? DID YOU ALL MISS US?

oh yeah i propose we change the tagboard colour! it looks different from the rest of the layout. and i hope we can get a nice one soon. rahh. anyone here knows how to make layouts? heheh. anyway the person who created the cbox account please change the colour okie? THANKYOU. haha.

Sec4 IP Higher Chinese Mid-Year on Monday. Wish me and Felicia luck! *crosses fingers* and good luck for all your test results too, you all should be getting back your tests right :S heheh hope you all do well, score A1s! May the force be with you! o.O BYEBYE EVERYONE.


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