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Monday, May 01, 2006

Heyyo people! Finally this long awaited blog is up for NYCOYQP! YAY! Hahaz I think this blog would be useful for us to check on latest updates during lessons and stuff, especially when we do miss practices sometimes for apparent reasons. Oh well. Okay. Here's some little funny trivia I came up with:

Language Tied?
-shawn the sneezing snowwoman
-felicia the ferocious feline
-ziyi the zany zebra
-peiyan the powerful pencil
-benita the basket baby
-amanda the antagonising apple
-xu hao the xenophobic xylophone
-jaime the jamming jackpot
-chew fei the canned cockroach
-wendy the wisely weasel
-cassandra the curly cuttlefish
-xinyi the X-mas X-ray

Lame Story?
One day, Shawn the sneexing snowwoman was walking in the streets with Xinyi the X-mas X-ray. She sneezed and sneezed, and met Xu Hao the xenophobic xylophone. Xu Hao happens to be afraid of meeting strangers, and therefore, she is very much afraid of Shawn and Xinyi. Then after, Ziyi the zany zebra and Felicia the ferocious feline, Xu Hao's friends, came along to help her. Along the way, they saw Benita the (abandoned) basket baby on the streets, and thought she was really cute, and therefore picked her up and let her tag along on their travelling. Together, they all helped Xu Hao to overcome her xenophobia by introducing her to Amanda the antagonising apple, who, contrary to popular beliefs, is not antagonising at all. Amanda also helped everybody to be healthier with her regular boost of Vitamin C and other minerals! With all these minerals choked up, the people decided they could do with a little writing. Ziyi picked up a magical powerful pencil called Peiyan and soon was enjoying the many things she could compose out of this little pencil. Felicia also had a little fun playing with the jamming jackpot, Jaime, because of its never ending flow of coins, also contrary to its name. Soon after, Wendy the wisely weasel came along and decided to join the people in their fun and games. They travelled from mountain to mountain, sea to sea, and came across a little being called Cassandra the curly cuttlefish. It isnt edible, but was an interesting being, with experiences from being in the sea. Soon, all of them, Shawn, Ziyi, Felicia, Peiyan, Benita, Amanda, Xu Hao, Jaime, Wendy, Xinyi and Cassandra journeyed back to a place called M4-01 in NYGH. There, they saw Chew Fei the canned cockroach crowding around a drum that had its center drawn with a cartoon-ish head, and two thin sticks. They decided: "Why not make some music out of these items?" And so, NYCOYQP was formed. With the drum for percussion, and the sticks for yangqin.

-The End


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