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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"Sha... Sha..." It might be raining cats and dogs now, but cockroaches do have a say in NYCOYQP. Cockroach here to update on today's xiaozu! Qu Lao practised dazu songs like "Huang He" and "Huang Tu Qing" with the few yangqin players, and basically I came out dazed and yellow after my session with her. Heh heh heh. She was in a good mood fortunately; maybe all that yellow pieces cheered her up more! Oh well. Over at percussion, it was quite a disappointment that Guo Lao did not come, since many of us were anticipating his arrival. I heard he had some rehearsal/celebration for the Teresa Yip Mother's Day Concert? Maybe it was a wake-up call for Guo Lao to learn to become more motherly; we have seen enough of his patriach personality. Just kidding!!! Zebra, Feline, Baby, Pencil, Xylophone, Jackpot, Weasel, Cuttlefish, X-Ray and Cockroach were all present. Our combination gets a little lively with both living and non-living objects in NYCOYQP. Oh well. We are not humans anyway. How can we be humans? X)

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