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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

haha...very funny wendy...i cant wait for xiaozu today...*haha*...sarcasm
i bet shawn is going to murder us, if not assasination, then mince us up to increase the number of wantons...more share,see?
but shawn is not that evil...hem hem...rite???????
wadever...i m wad did i want to say? ahh yes...szechuan seafood is damn sour...precisely wad makes it NICE...=P yummy...i m in com lab now, waiting for xiao zu with wendy here, doing something with her fingers...WENDY?!?!?! she's paying attention...ur turn, wendy

Hm... haha cass, u r ...dunno wad lah... ok, erm... erm... oh yea, SHAWN WHERE THE HECK WERE YOU just now during breaktime????? We went to ur class, and found tat u were not in there... grr... make us carry the heavy n hot n spicy food down and up n down n up n down n up n down n up n down n up n down n up n down n up n down n up n down n up n down n up n down n up n down n up n down n up... wadevr...( cass)
ok, so to end tis mutt post, we shall say BYE!!! as we r abt to leave this com lab.

not...i m bored so i shall continue rattling on and on and on and on and on and on...ok! so...tomorrow will be popiah skin...yes popiah SKIN (i luv POPIAH by wendy)...hahahahaha! like who wants to eat the mere SKIN...i would rather scrape off the dead skin cells off the teacher....fine maybe not ( yea, i would like to see u try dat by wendy)...yup precisely y i say tomorrow will be totally nonsensical...*POPIAH SKIN!!!* doesnt that sound exciting...oh i cant wait! the skin will b like SO then...this is a long post...heh
/partially wendy/

so we end here. BYE!!!!

not! ok =P

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