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Friday, May 05, 2006

This is Chewy reporting here on the latest news and affairs from NYCO's practice today. It was an eventful day for NYCO when Mrs Ee conducted "Huang He Movements 3 & 4" with great precision. On the general perspective, every section was grilled by the concise needs and standards of Mrs Ee, except for the Percussion section. This could be a biased opinion but Cockroach had felt the practice to be highly exhausting due to the high amount of concentration put in by everybody. She also felt the pressure of the tuning expectations from the conductor.

Let us now move into detail of the NYCOYQP's participation during the practice. On a positive insight, Weasel and Cockroach from the yangqin district were strongly encouraged to practise more effectively and consistently in an effort to bring the orchestra to greater heights. Go for it, you can do it. Pencil was doing great and offered much help to the rest too. Over at the percussion district not for away, Jackpot, Baby and Apple were seen playing with much enthusiasm, especially during the end of Movement 4 where percussion was imminently prominent.

This is the end of tonight's news. This is Chewy, wishing everybody good luck for the upcoming concert. Good night.

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