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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Gee...sorry, just came back from stupid gymnastics...ok, nvm.
I am taking time off my study time... though i dunno y. I associated with Guo lao for only...
7 least better than the other coach...
Guo lao suggested some instructors (including wei lao shi & wei wei).
Yea, I dunno, but there is this shen something something one. Or wad...i dunno. That china guy. He is very strict. Offend him today, and he wouldn't teach you for 3 weeks.
Ok, and guo lao oso said that he wants US! the sec 1s to season the drums,
make sure that we KEEP chinese drums traditions if our next coach is a western percussionist.
Oh, and we have to lian ji ben gong.
And the purpose of him letting us play gushi,
is to let us get familiar with many different types of patterns.
He asked us what we learnt for that concert.
And I think he is really proud of us.
Said there were not many people in S'pore who knows how to play drums.
Even if they do, very little can teach.
So we must remember what he taught us, and really master it.
So we can use the skill anytime we need or want.
And during the whole talk, I looked around and saw some people with tears in thier eyes.
And some totally think this is boring.
THE ICE-CREAM!!!I think it taste nice...though all ice-cream taste nice.
But this is a little special.
THough I think not as special as some people.
Is this his last treat for us?
The firswt and the last for me, and this year...


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