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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
hehe xDxD
today was fun. i am very gan dong. THANK U YQP!!!!!!!! seniors so funn.. =P
so sad guolao leaving. and guolao bday. early bday celebration. yayy =)
i found it's very fun scaring guolao out of his skin with a mere
did u see his face did u did u?? ok nvm
so funny. wendy = ziyi peiyan = shawn chewy = felicia jaime = peiyan amanda = amanda cass = xuhao benita not there =( ziyi = chewy felicia = chewy xinyi = cass shawn = wendy xuhao = xinyi
har har. got all mixed up.
the cake was very nice. my brother liked it a lot. haha. thank u to everyone. but u all shouldnt have. as in really. having cca on my bday is enough a present. i wouldnt have needed more. so i practically have a bday once a week every tuesday. interesting isnt it?? then i really am an old fogey. weird~
i like the photos taken. even though i look like some spastic idiot but who cares?? hooray. sounds very unenthu.
and i do miss gushi. first percussion song i learnt. so cool!! i am one year older. change my frequency of using the word CUTE. i really dunno wad to blog. hmm. i shall update if i think of anything. for the moment, everyone give ur best wishes to guolao, wish him good luck on his future events. meanwhile i shall go and ponder over this day...i dun think it could have been better...really.

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