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Sunday, July 23, 2006
IF SHAWN IS MAD, then ziyi and i can be considered crazy, because all three of us were not exactly sad yesterday. Sure, it's the last performance, but i guess wad's in our mind is dat WE WILL BE BACK. seriously, it's not like we will be gone forever. hello, there's friday!!!! anyway, we are still the seniors!! well, ok, maybe the feeling will not be the same.. it's like how we see our JC seniors performing and feel weird, cuz we should have been on stage wif them..

u noe wad, we all wan to graduate out of CO happily, sometimes we don have to express our feelings. we all noe that deep in the juniors' heart, they will miss us. hahaha

anyway, i was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the juniors bought us presents..cuz it's like the ideas of presents are always brought up by the juniors..thank goodness, u juniors are not as mad as us...can't imagine shawn getting a prawn, ziyi receiving a chair??? then me, an orange?? huh? don make sense here...whew! but then ah, i think u people - though can't compare to us - are madly so many snacks!! o.O

yesterday was ok..i would hav liked it better if co concert was after nanyang glitters, then it would have been extra special yesterday..n i realised that jaime is a meano..hrmph..keep poking day i will have revenge...grrr....

n i seriously think our sec 1s are now more hyper than us when we first started in all others hu r thinking of joining our section, BEWARE!


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