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Sunday, July 23, 2006
ITS OVER. ok seriously think i'm mad. or maybe the whole section is mad. most of the co is/was crying and i'm HIGH. oh man. somebody send me to IMH hahahaha. xD i just feel the need to cry hasnt come yet. lol.

ok anw. i felt ytd's perf wasn't our best. but it doesnt matter. cos what matters is that we had fun. and we had alot alot of fun! hahahaha xD i'm somewhat sorting out our spastic pics right now, so shld be able to get it asap. xD SPAS! hahahaha. crazy. we're like the siaoest section. :P:P ok anw we had PILES of food. and cldn't swallow our dinner. amazing. hahaha. this is just to inform sec ones. pity they cldn't join us.

oh and i'm still very o.O by longteng. cos of flying DRUMSTICK. it didnt exactly fly, but still it was a cool experience. hahahaha. eh i think the view of the audience frm the stage is damn cool! so sad cant take pic. ahaha. :P

i think the sight of mrs ee drinking yakult is really very funny. i dunno why. i'm just amused. hahaha xD

lazy to talk abt wad happen. :P oh i feel quite guilty cos juniors give us present then we nv do anything and seniors frm other sections all write letters for their juniors. but anw i think if i write letter it wont sound like me. probably i shall attepmt, but i suppose it will be better if i dont. hahahaha. anw, thx for all the presents esp the food! :D:D:D:D:D

and i will miss all of u alot. i have limited vocab, so lets just stick to alot. hahaha. xD

i still got my splitting headache frm ytd. shall go and take a nap. :P BYEBYE.

shawn the prawn.

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