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Monday, July 31, 2006
i know it isnt a big perf, but it's our last one, so let's just make the most of it and enjoy it.
i feel rather weird knowing that we're just moving 4 biangus and paigus, cos all along everytime we move instru is really move until want to die, all the yq, timp, esp YUN LUO my goodness.
and tmr's stepping down ceremony, so good luck to the juniors on getting the post you want! (although sec 4s alrdy know. ahh nvm pretend dunno xD)
no matter what your post, just rmb that u dont have to be in the comm to serve nyco.
and nycoyqp rocks:D
and for the rest of the year all the way to syf, JIAYOU.
just do your best!
i know it's a bit early for syf, but let me crap since i have the motivation. xD
sometimes it isn't abt the award we get, but the music we played.
to me, that moment on stage last yr during syf was the best we've ever played, and it was truly beautiful. it wldn't have made much of a diff if we didnt get GWH. it wld have mattered, we wld have been disappointed, but more impt than that, we knew that our music was good.
dont worry abt syf next yr.
so far, nyco has always done well!
and it's abt the music:D
ok stepping down ceremony tmr.

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