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Sunday, August 06, 2006
HELLO. I haven't really had time to say a farewell thingy to you guys after passing down. So here it is.

PEI YAN IS YOUR NEW SL. So listen to her okayyy. Be guai and nice.

We need to IMPROVE. So work hard yeah? Not just xiaozu stuff but dazu stuff too. Pei Yan will bring our section to new heights. Muahaha. Especially since next year is SYF. We want that Gold with Honours thing to still be in the SYF 2007 photo! It's kind of not so rush anymore where you have to practice for concerts and stuff, so it's a good time to "start over" and pick up from where you left off. Heheh. Work on ji ben gongs and stuff like that (:

To the sec3s, you are now at the helm of the section! So it's all up to you to inspire each other, and your juniors.

To sec2s, one year older! Ohho. Don't be afraid to ask instructors stuff, and most importantly dare to venture and try. Push yourself to do better, because you two really can.

To sec1s, you won't be the youngest around anymore! Yay! You'll have juniors next year, and for me that was super exciting. You all had a pretty good start this year, so use that leverage! Jiayou for your first dazu okay?!

Don't worry, sec4s will come back to haunt visit you all. Make the three of us proud!


love! from zeeyee

Siao-ed 6:05 PM


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