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Friday, August 25, 2006
i havent touched my sticks for abt a month.
this is really terrible.
and i dont know when i can touch them again. =X
dont you think this is very scary?
hai. i miss daji alot alot.
and m4-01, and mrs ee, and guo lao. well. m4-02 too, although not as much.
urgh. withdrawal symtoms, YET AGAIN.
i miss tim:(
it's... very very very long since i last touched the timpani.

prelims is very stressing.
because it gets pretty frustrating when you're killing your brains, and you still dont understand what's going on.
and the waiting time before a paper, ahh, terrifying.
i suppose none of you understand what i'm talking abt.
the feeling is really different from taking EOYS, even though they're all exam.
now i understand how daffy felt last yr. :(

and the rest of you, good luck for a levels.
i suppose the stress level would be something like this too.
although there are no prelims.
which actually make things more bearable.
oh well.

it's dazu now, and i'm home.
after math lesson, after practical.
what a sad life.


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