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Thursday, August 10, 2006
i have not posted for a LONG time.
yqp blog
actually. i have nothing to say anyway
actually i have a lot of stuff to say
but it's so much that i dunno where to start and THEREFORE i dunno wad to say
did that make sense??
no it did not
but it should
no wait. it DOES
so ya it does make sense so if u dun geddit read it until u do. but we're all smart ppl so ya we DO understand. even at the first time reading it. yupp. hooray for us =))
wait. i am crapping. horribly. sometimes...anytime...always....i am lame. or just boreddddddddd. yes bored. i crap and spout nonsense when i am boreddddddddddddd.
therefore now u may be deduce and conclude that i am bored from the written evidence u see here. u dun need any other evidence cos i am a very reliable source. so yar just accept this fact. it is not wild history.
nycoyqp rocks =)) i am randomising. yes. i randomise when i am boredddddddddddd too.
but we DO rock.
yam pieeeeee as our new sl. yam pieeeeeeee shall lead us to GREATER heights. she shall continue where ex sl zeeyee left off. yayy!!!!!
chewy as our new scary freaky mga. eecks. haha. clean up m4 01. clear out the dust bin. smear faces on that person over there. haha. very motivational chewy. ><
we are gonna get JUNIORS next year. whahaha. so exciting. i like that. a lot. hehe. we can bully them. evil...
and our sec 4's are gonna be juniors in jc. MUahahahaha.
"they're going, soaring off to HCi with their developed firm wings...they take off and spread out, fly then leave possibly forever, never to return. we will miss them badly, trylu. they played such an important role in our will we ever forget them? how will we bear to anyway? right now what more do we have to say but 'sec4's...thank u for everything u gave for we'd be nothing without u. we bid farewell here though we cant deny the fact that we will miss u..."
u can choose to think whether i quoted or wrote myself. haha. lameness o_0

i am hyped up for saturday.
PEI YAN!!!! spam as in SPAAMMMMM guolao. make him reply u. dinner!!! yay
bounce bounce on seat...whole com shaking with me.
so funn
i have just crapped all over. i like this unlimited space for me to rattle on and on irritatingly. ok enough. xDxD

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