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Friday, August 04, 2006
When Shawn comes up to you with a menacing face; and growls your full name, especially focusing on your surname, you know something is wrong. Very wrong...


And she told me M4-01 needs cleaning up! :D

What a fright when she went "PHANG Chew Fei" along the corridor. Totally freaked me out. Thought what hahaha!

So people, M4-01 needs cleaning up! YAY! WOOHOO! Personally, I like cleaning up. I think cleaning up is really fun when you swipe off that dirt and reveal a clean, new, smooth surface and everything smells so nice. Don't fret, Chewy actually really likes cleaning up, though I know a lot us don't, due to other reasons baah haha.

Here I am, to motivate you about cleaning up! Cleaning up is actually not that bad you know. Think of the fresh smelling M4-01 and the clean floors! Everything is kept in perfect order (for the moment yes) and there is no litter in sight at all! An ideal! Yay!

I believe, when you do cleaning up, don't just think about the dirt and grime you are going to deal with. Be the consequentialist here, not the deontologist! Think of the benefits that derive from cleaning up:

1) Everyone has a cleaner room for better music
2) Everyone has a good standard of personal cleanliness and hygiene
3) Everyone has a good time with one another smearing dirt on each other's faces

Okay the third point isnt for real haha!

Tired/ Stubborn/ Dirt-Allergic as you may be, we must all clean up M4-01 as one NYCO! Okay haha it sounds really funny. It's not a choice, afterall, it's an issue that bugs us no matter in CCA, Class, or even at Home right! Let's all try to make our CCA more pleasant first haha.

Let's do cleaning up at the first Dazu practice after the suspension! Time and date not confirmed (can someone enlighten me), but do bring along your rags to do a nice clean-up together! :D


Okay, alright, thanks for letting me rant here. Actually I did enjoy clearing the trash you know hahaha!


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