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Monday, September 04, 2006
by order of shawn tay. i post here what i posted on my own blog. guolao, tribute to u...
there are so many ways to put it. but there's just these 2 words which are too simple to be thought of yet are stronger than any other way of phrasing...thank you

and guolao has left. flight to switzerland.
it's depressing reallyhe was such a ________ teacher.
everything about him.
at the beginning of the year i found guolao weird, crazy...
the opinion's changed so much.
i was so utterly wrong.
guolao just rocks

it's horrid and terribly sad. being unable to see guolao off, to give him the last farewell, to give just deliver the last bye.
even that wasnt possible
yet we askwhy? why did he have to leave? why why WHY??!!
then again, what can we do
watching him go would probably be even more painful
because there's nothing we can do to stop that from happening.

what we DO just that daji prac will never be the same again.
shawn's right. the same instruments, the same seniors, apart from the sec 4's who've left, but no guolao. we would usually have walked in, to wait. knowing that though guolao would be late, he would come for prac. at 5.30pm even. he would still come
now we would have to enter, knowing that it wont ever happen again. we could wait forever. till midnight, the next morning. guolao would never turn up for prac again.
it's the hard painful fact that hits as hard as a rock from the cliffs, the dagger that struck from behind, the slap that came furiously down against me, churning, driving up those tears which fell for u, guolao. but nothing will change the fact that remains the same. the fact that remains the same as u will always be our irreplacable percussion teacher.

i rmb the first day. when guolao said that i was too stiff, that i would stare so blankly, worriedly, at the score, trying to play something right, resembling some nerd in hci. he'd laugh, i'd blush awkwardly, the seniors would tease mockingly. but guolaoshi, can u see? i've grown! that small bit, at least. from when i was so uptight at the beginning of the year, to this very day where i'd enjoy every percussion instrument i come across... why cant we go back to the past?

i rmb when guolao introduced taifeng to us. i watched, somewhat amazed, staring at him so excited with the bian gu which suddenly seemed too small for him. he'd make those few seconds so breathtaking, entertaining, exhilaraing. that unique taifeng. the taifeng that no one else has or will ever have.

i rmb those multiple lessons after those 2 most significant ones. when guolao went through the whole 8minute gushi with us, paying attention to
every single detail, every accent. beat. rest. bar. phrase. line. section. the entire song
every movement. dynamic marking. feeling to's all over now. so quickly. i rmb when guolao "preached" to us to jiayou for gushi, to feel the song, to enjoy ourselves on stage. we listened, as he described to us how fantastic the every beat and every rhythm of gushi was. bewildered. we practised again and again, more and more, during lunch breaks, so hard during cca may have been for the concert. nyco concert 2nd july 2006. but deep down,everyone must have been doing it for guolao too...our teacher who had so patiently taught us, demonstrated to us, encouraged us, teased us to let us learn
it was a success on the fateful day. we couldnt have done it without him

then he had to leave.
we threw parties and celebrations for him, so enthusiastically. for him, guolao, our dear percussion teacher.
as a mask to hide how sad we really were to know the fact that he was to leave. sooner or later. eventually, we would still face the fact of him making his way away from us, to switzerland.

undoubtedly guolao will always be in our hearts. for how much he sacrificed for us, for how he willingly taught us, for the joy he brought to our learning percussion, for his words of comfort when we were down, for his care every single moment for us, for everything he had given. all of which we would never be able to return.
guolaoshi, when u eventually come back, we will, WILL welcome u back, gladly, tears of joy in our eyes, with open arms...
our only concern now is only for u to take care, and do whatever u are inclined to do in this very life, at this very moment, to fulfil ur dream as u wish...
guolao, please remember us, the crazy bunch of us. nanyang chinese orchestra percussion section.those students who drove u nuts. but whom will never forget u. never ever. because guolao, though many of us may not admit it openly, it's still true deep inside that...guolaoshi we love you

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