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Saturday, September 23, 2006
haha ok let me cont with syf.

i believe many schools are having instructor problems, major or minor.
RV prob more major.
but let us not become complacent.
we got gold with honours, but it may not be ours to keep.
there are many good schools out there.
if we become proud, if we stop practicing, then i think we're just gonna get COP.

i think RV is still dangerous, despite some problems.
beware of dunman, even though guo lao has left.
st nicks and rgs also.
hci is naturally a rival.
chung cheng.
ngee ann.
watch out for zhonghua, they got gold last year at their FIRST SYF.
i cant think of anymore right now.

but remember, them most impt thing is still PRACTICING, and giving it your best.
in the end, we want to show the world what standard we can reach in terms of our music, and not our award.
over our silver award in 2003 syf, there were various arguments between ppl of diff schools, on whether we shld have got gold.
ppl know if we played well.
let's show them what nyco is made of.

hard work.
there is no short cut.
i believe with mrs ee, if you work hard, you will do well.


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