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Thursday, September 07, 2006
i had a dream a few nights ago. (prob 4 nights)

it was syf.

we were on the same day as duman high.
but we were in the morn session, and they in the aftnoon session.

we got gold with honours.
again, the first school to do so.
(everybody cheer)

then we watched the aftnoon session.
a school came on.
dressed in navy blue jackets.
was this dunman?
the co was half the size.
they looked pathetic.
they played pathetic.
and i thought "was this dunman without guo lao?"

false alarm.
not dunman.
(dont ask me what. weird dream)

then dunman came up.
sure, the size of the co was the same.
they were not bad.

but then... the 1st time in countless years.
they got gold.
and the whole place was quiet, waiting for the "with honours"
it never came.

surprise surprise.

yes that was my dream.
prob because guo lao left?
i dunno.

anw, i'm not saying it will happen in real life.
true, some dreams are visions of the future, but NOT THIS ONE OK.

please lian hard hard for syf:D


Siao-ed 3:19 PM


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