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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
listen up people.
i'm out of nyco, but it doesn't mean i dont care anymore.
it doesnt mean i mind my own business and leave the management of stuff to the juniors, as my father says.
what management man.
it's about respect for other people's property.

anway i'm freaking pissed now, so sorry if i sound aggressive or anything.

you guys know that every year we have problems with speech training teachers.

every year, we tell them NOT to touch our instruments.
every year, they choose to ignore our nice requests, they choose to TOUCH our instruments, to USE our instruments as and when they like.
they do not put our instruments back properly.
sometimes the instruments end up in terrible condition.
and if you remember, last year we ended up with scratched timpani, and a broken maraca.

i just heard from my sis that her chinese speech training teacher got some of them to take the di luo off the stand and PUT IT ON THE FLOOR so that she could use the stand for a PROP.

i think this is really too much.

first they do not have respect for other people. they choose to ignore us. fine.
then they do not have respect for our property, our things. they use our instruments as and when they like as though it belongs to them.
are we going to let them do to our instuments what they like?

we give up our room for them to practice.
we move our instruments out so that they can have the air con room.
and how do they repay us?
by destroying our instruments.
by treating us as utter idiots.

screw it.

juniors, i urge you not to take this lying down.
i know many times we cant do much.
we can speak to teachers in charge, as we did last year, but nothing will change.
because that's the way the school us.
but what we can do, let us do.
if it is our teacher, let's try as much as possible to tell them not to touch the instruments without permission.
if they would like to use it, i'm sure mrs ee, and we, would not mind, if they would take care of it well.
but we will not take it lying down to see them mistreating our instruments.

put a di luo on the floor?
i dont think so.

peiyan, jiayou.

Siao-ed 9:12 PM


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