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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
i think this is ironic... =((
i want to post on yqp blog. but i dont know WHAT to post... =(
i figured not everyone reads my pathetic blog.
so i shall post the information about the parts being played on mo li hua...

ooh. i like big font xD

SO NOW, i think. to seniors, please protest if you disagree with this arrangement. to others, please tell me if i got anything wrong... thank you =)

yangqin players: yampieeeeee, wendy, amanda, xuhao (we apologise to the last two members. your percussion parts could be taken over by the rest of us and some parts were given to those from other sections because they were simple enough to be played. =((( so sorry)

Da gu-- xinyi (bars 47-52), cass (bars 24-28), ending part (xinyi, tambourine part given to somebody else to play, person to be selected is tentative)
Xiao Peng ling--cass (except for bar 11, played by xinyi)
Nan bang zi/Mu yu--cass
Ban gu--cass (amanda. you're going for yq now. but could you please teach me? I'M DUMB. I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT BAN GU IS!!! and i dont know the techniques. x) paiseh)
Timpani--chew fei
Vibraphone/Bian zhong--jaime
Shou gu--jaime (one part, vib and shougu clash so omit vib part)
Xiao bo(cha)--jaime
Zhuban--someone to be selected from other sections
Yunluo + Shouluo--someone to be selected from other sections
Bo--someone to be selected from other sections
Diao bo--someone to be selected from other sections

ok. that's it. i hope i got it right...i'm supposed to write down a copy for Mrs Ee... =))
YAY MRS EE CAN HAVE HER 4 YANGQINS...after all, she said
"by hook or by crook. i MUST have 4 yqs" =)
i'm happy this has come true for her =)

oh and the set piece is out. Wind Crescenti...weirdly, no wind chimes being used o.O awkward enough
individually, the scores and notes are ok, but it's difficult to put together in an orchestra, and the expression will be difficult, just like xing kong last year, 2005. as said by mrs ee
chewy says all this has too much symbolism and imagery.
somehow reminds me of lang arts remarks xinyi.
i guess they're right...
i dont know...
i dont have any comments to give at the moment...

that's all then xDxD
we shall work hard for syf =)))

me excited.
very excited..
for what?!?!?! ...
heehee. NYCO CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xDxD hahahahahahahahahaha

no not because of the cup noodles =.=


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