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Saturday, December 09, 2006
hi people! as you know, co camp's coming soon.
like previous years, we are going to be the section who picnics the most at an unearthly hour.
at the present moment, my kettle is already sitting comfortably in m4-02 (as it had for probably the past 1 year)
on the day itself, i will come, loaded with cup noodles, hot chocolate, milo.
any other requests?
feel free to bring as much food as possible.
if we have no inteference from a certain person called shan shan, we should be able to enjoy ourselves thoroughly, as we did 2 years ago.
be prepared to stuff yourselves, until you put on a few kgs in a matter of 2 days.
the sad thing is, only 1 night of stuffing, instead of 2.
i wonder whose fault it is.
shan shan, perhaps?
anyway, at least it's an overnight camp.
if i remember correctly, shan shan wanted a day camp. -glares-
what absolute nonsense from a person who is just too lazy and thinks only of herself.
nvm. do remember your sleeping bags, unless you wish to freeze in m4-02. (i do hope we're sleeping there, instead of m4-01 or m4-10 as we were forced to last year, courtesy of a certain person called shan shan. damn)
if we do sleep in m4-02, with no disturbance, i believe we are going to have a wonderful time.
again, remember your sleeping bags.
i spent 2 years of camp without a sleeping bag.
bearable, but quite terrible. too cold.
however, considering my sister has to take the sleeping bag, i shall probably sleep on the floor again.
good day to all of you.
i'm very bored at home. i want to drum again. i want to play timpani again.
gahhhhh. screw the whole education system.

Siao-ed 9:03 AM


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