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Sunday, January 21, 2007
Gosh, I almost forgot the username and password again (What can I say? It's indicative of my age...)

But yes, new yangqins. Really, take good care of them, especially in the first few months and years. A regularly tuned yangqin and stay good for a long long long time. The last time we bought new yangqins was in 2001, and there were two. But they probably look very old now. I'm sure Xinyu can still remember the days we came super early to school on a sunday to attempt to tune the yangqin at LT2 so that it'd be ready in time for "fei tian" for the very first nanyang arts fest. Unfortunately thanks to my absentmindedness, the school gate was closed and we ended up at mac's in serene centre instead. (I think it is even more unfortunate that this streak of absentmindedness in me has persisted till today, some 6 years on)

After nyco (even at the time I left when things weren't all so new and everything else), hcco can be quite an anticlimax. The storeroom at LT2 is small, squeezy and only fit for instruments. Yet despite all these, hcco has a charm of its own. You'd never imagine that behind the glorious golds each syf is the pain of getting people to turn up for practices, coercing the school to give us more money just so that we can get the conductor down, begging for money to get new instruments and scores.... Being in hcco, is as ziyi says, a reminder than ny is blessed with resources (and of course ms. chek)

Oh, and I erm, never really remembered the mass dances and I'm sure I've totally forgotten them by now :)

I'm wondering if I should go down to nyco one tuesday. Does any junior there know me? Or do I know any junior there now? (especially after shawn's batch has left...)

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