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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Hello juniors! It feels strange posting something that resembles a reprimand, but things need to be said no matter what. I was supposed to go back to nyco today, but due to personal matters that have made me somewhat down, I decided not to.

But, whether I'm saying it to you all in person, or through this blog, I hope the words will stay with you.

Tuning your instrument is a form of respect. One, to the instrument. Two, to the orchestra. Three, to the conductor. Four, to yourself. I think some people have known my horror at discovering that the qin was 20 - 40% lower than 442 when I went back last week. I know it's difficult to tune a yangqin. I've been through the stage where I tuned the instrument (almost) everytime before dazu. It takes hours to get to to sound decent, only to have it go haywire when you bring it to a different environment.

But it doesn't mean that you choose not to try at all. Regular tuning stabilises the instruments and its pitching. I would really really hope that everyone who's playing the yangqin for syf can take the effort to tune your instrument back to 442. There's 14 more days left, and time is running out.

This is especially true for yangqins who have solo parts in the piece. Can you imagine the judges being able to hear you loud and clear, and hear that you are out of tune? The standards won't lax just because your instrument is more difficult to tune than others.

Many seniors of yours have gone through the stage of coming in at 7am to tune the yangqin on saturday practices. Many have gone to M4-02 an hour before dazu starts in the afternoon just to tune.

It's not too difficult after all, and it's the last lap, the last fourteen days that you can do something to make nyco yqp better, to make nyco sound better.

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