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Thursday, March 08, 2007
hi people.

it's obvious that all of you know syf is coming soon.
in fact, very soon.
needless to say, you should all be freaking out (and it's very worrying if you're not).
trust me, i've been stressing out over nyco too.
you know your standard.
it may not be bad, but you have to face the truth.
it is not good enough.

i dont know if you've been putting in effort to practice (or maybe you have, just too late).
but the fact remains that the standard right now isnt going to get nyco the coveted gold with honours, possibly not even gold.
i'm not trying to demoralise you guys, but if you still dont understand the implication of it, if you still think the gold with honours is going to come that easily, then i'm sorry to say, you'll most probably be disappointed.
i know many of you have been working hard.
i dont know, there may be some of you, or perhaps not, who take things too easily.

i know this may not be such a big thing. it's not going to affect your life.
but syf really means a lot to many people, not just you guys, but all your seniors, and especially mrs ee.
it not just about the award. the music matters, probably even more. but the problem is, there is no music right now, needless to say the award.

you still have some time left.
not much, i admit. but it will still make a difference.
just hope that all of you will give your all for the time left, to achieve what nyco should in terms of its music.
what does it matter if we dont get the award.
just show us, and other schools, what nyco is made of.
show them through our music.
show them what nyco's standard is, move people through your music.

miracles do happen.
in this 2 to 3 weeks that's left, create a miracle.
you know that we'll be supporting all of you.

all the best for syf.

Siao-ed 7:54 PM


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