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Sunday, March 04, 2007

To see Shawn around has always been a revelation. Shawn, don't cringe. Even if you're huddled in the little space around Tim, consistently knocking your head against it, though unwillingly, your presence and words prove to be a great guidance for all of us, in fact for me especially. Did I say this before? Though you have been such a wonderful senior, I have felt so pressurized to be the timpanist after you. You know that you have played Tim very well. You know that you have married Tim to your soul and mind, to such a perfection whereby Tim becomes your very best friend. And me? Yes I do seek solace in hiding behind Tim's lovely rear wheels, snugging around in the irony of an air-conditioned freezer. But have I brought the soul out in Tim? I haven't. i play Tim, with taifeng and zest, but I haven't been genuinely in love with Tim yet. Let me fall in love. Oh sighness.

And Mrs Ee is getting considerably vexed and as could be seen, firmer and scolding more. I kind of like it though. Though I think I might be getting my very own personal scolding anytime to come soon, Mrs Ee, scold us all the more if you think we would be able to make it within these short eight practices. We truly deserve it. (And Yiling jiayou too. Let our CO soar under your presidency.)

DAJI, we can do it.
Benita, Jamma, Sherleen, Pamela, Xinyi, Cassandra and I.
And to the YQ players Pei Yan, Xu Hao, Amanda and Wendy.
YQP can rock: it depends on whether we want to create our motion.

- - -

An extract from my blog for some form of motivation. Jiayou YQP.

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