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Thursday, March 15, 2007
Sometimes when you are down and out, deep down in your own valleys of sorrow, all it takes is a little optimism to let you see the light you receive.

- - -


One day, two bored people were having a race.

Says A: I dare you I can make the wind accelerate with me as I run.
Replies B: How can that be! Don't be lame. My physics teacher didn't say that's possible.
A: Don't believe me; your loss!

A then picks off at a brisk speed, his motive clearly shown. He needs to use his powers to make the wind accelerate with him. He starts off really at a moderate speed; and somehow at the start of the race he manages to churn some melody out, imitating a flute. It was apparently an attempt to throw B off his track.

B was dumbfounded. Like, what the hell? Did his physics teacher ever teach him anything about making the wind accelerate? It seemed like such a deep mystery; so profound. Nevertheless, being the kiasu he had always been, B caught up with A in the race.

The two of them kept arguing while running. It was kind of lame (just like having two counter melodies with a poor little accompaniment in the background).

B: Why are you running so slow? What kind of strategy is this?
A: Says who. Heh, think of a strategy to reverse my theories if you are so free!

As such then, it seemed like he began to pick up speed, this time throttling like an old horse from the race track. (with an attractive melody!) A almost felt gay; he was listening to his MP3 player. Somehow he was thinking about girly stuff: flowers, dancing; flowers; dancing. Oops. Then he turned to his back. Aaah, so this was what happened.

B was in a flowery jumpsuit. He actually bothered to change into it in the middle of the course?

A: I must say, you're pretty pro.
B: Thanks, I do take pride in keeping myself attractive no matter the time, venue or date.
A: -.-

A, like any other normal person, was freaked out. Was that a sign of...? Thus, he began running at a speed of VIVACE, as fast as his legs could carry him. B was running after him!

A stood on the edges of realisation. B is gay, and B likes him, and that's why he is doing all such crap with him? Running a race with him, changing into a silly flowery jumpsuit for his sake? What is this? Korean drama gay version?

A galloped away like a stealthy steed. B was on a hot pursuit of his desired one.

It was clearly, humorous.

Out of the blue, A and B were swept away in the winds of nowhere; winds that carried cows and sofas alike, that swept coconut trees away, that almost uprooted the Sir Stamford Raffles statue! The end.

(You know why they were swept away? Because that was a tornado. You see, A and B ran so fast the wind accelerated too much and it became a tornado!)

- - -

Plain crap, but do applaud me on my incessant crapping efforts. XD Molihua to be up soon.

Siao-ed 12:32 AM


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