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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
This is an update about the NYCO practice on Tuesday, 20th March 2007. It was an eventful day which contained not your normal practices:

1) Guzheng concert rehearsal
- meaning we were left with little time to practice our music
- meaning YQP had to ban instruments up and down without much purpose
- meaning YQP was quite physically exhausted.

However, there have been certain exciting events in the day!

2) Borrowed yun luo
- surprise! surprise! Mrs Ee helped to borrow a yunluo with WHEELS from her resources. Though we had to spend some time re-arranging the new luos, it was certainly hopeful that we would be much eased off during this period of time when we do ban instruments about. Cheerios.

3) Video watching
- Mrs Ee took us to LT1 to view videos taken while we were practising in the auditorium. My sentiments that the video was not the best quality of videos, but it was more of to reflect how we did look like while from the perspectives of judges/audience. The host was indeed biased to not have given DAJI any single personal shot as a section, and thus we did not have much opportunities to catch our wonderful faces/stances on tape. However, Mrs Ee did mention that we were pretty good! (Perhaps after the renowned SSABOLLEC) Of course, in terms of stage presence (not just about taifeng) there would be so much more room for improvement and thus DAJI should practise harder and prac taifeng infront of your beloved mirrors at home or in school! XD

Which meant to say that the day was eventful. Words of advice:
1) Always tune yangqins!
2) Always practice ji ben gong!
3) Always (try to) practice taifeng infront of a mirror!
4) Always be with the music no matter if you are playing or not!
5) Always be natural and open up! :D

- - -

Hello! Cuttlefish and Cockroach collated a list for stuff to be put in the green box for SYF. If there are any discrepancies, please feel free to raise them out.

1) 4 sets timpani mallets
2) 2 sets xylophone mallets (old + new)
3) 1 set muyu mallets
4) 1 set vibraphone mallets
5) 1 set yunluo mallets
6) 1 set diaobo mallets
7) 2 sets bangu mallets
8) 2 sets pengling
9) 2 sets xiao cha (old + new)
10) 1 set zhu ban (big + small)
11) 1 set xiao luo with mu ban (for sheerleen)
12) 5 sets zhong guo gu chui
13) 2 sets tuners

These are instruments not to be in the green box though:
1) bangu with stand
2) shougu
3) 2 sets tambourine
4) 4 yangqins with cases
5) 4 yangqins stands
5) Tuners for yangqin players

These are supplementary items though important:
1) Unlimited supply of food and water
2) YQP Fund $20 - In case we need money to buy stuff?
3) Plasters, since we're wearing court shoes that may hurt.

Here's a suggestion! Didn't we put a little poweder on the dagu and paigu last time for GU SHI, to create a dramatic effect? We could actually try it out too, because in Molihua some of the dagu/paigu parts are rather forceful and it could heighten the effect! Heh heh, feel free to respond to this!

- - -

NYCOYQP rocks the house I say

Oh for daji people: we need to do a serious clean up after the critical period. our area is strewn with clothes hangers, random pieces of paper, sweet wrappers, drum mallets or even court shoes?! do you think i can stomach this as the MGA? NYEH NYEH! (:

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