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Saturday, April 07, 2007

To my juniors:
Cassandra (Cassie-pok), Hyperactive perfectionist/ Pengling-pro-pok/ Curly Cuttlefish
You had always seemed more like a younger sister than just a junior to me. Not like I am as hyperactive or crazily funny as you are, but that we share a bond since we both stay in Woodlands! Whee. Always trying to contribute to YQP no matter whether in conversations or taifeng sessions. Frowns when playing your instruments, which makes you look very emotional (to some people, daoism).

Pamela (Pomelo), once Dizi-er now YQP-er too/ Shawn's uncanny resembling persona especially when playing the zhuban/ Pooping Pomelo?
You had always seemed to be the milder version of your wild legendary sister, until we saw your true colours some day when you were fooling around with Sherlene. Never acknowledged yourself to be in YQP until the critical period during SYF when you just could not control your love for the section (my inference). Always smiling very candidly (in a hahaha way). Made the zhuban a dancing tool.

Wendy, Yangqin follower/ Diao-expression advocate/ Wisely Weasel
You had always been more mature sounding than I thought juniors should be, or especially when I converse with you. Maybe it was your vast experience with CO or chinese music stuff! Almost always went home with Jamma and sometimes trying to convince Cuttlefish to jump onboard with you. Sometimes not wearing spectacles. Haha.

Xinyi, Tambourine zhang3 men2 ren2/ Lame humour-pok/ X'mas X-ray!
You had always been very consistent in keeping YQP alive with joyous spirit and life by providing lame and sometimes dirty/crude jokes! Great friend of "Smiley Ong"? Ferocious blogger who has a great designing talent! I suppose you're going to design our YQP shirt too. Always opinionistic and spontaneous with responses. Taller than me. Yuck.

No matter whether you're a senior, peer or junior, I love you all equally because you are all part of the warm and fuzzy NYCOYQP! SYF 2007 has been a great success due to all of your support and spirits; thus I present my greatest gratitude to all of you here. Do spread the love around by telling all YQP-ers to read this.

Just to let you know; YQP is special and we rock. :)

Siao-ed 9:13 PM


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