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Friday, June 08, 2007
(in chronological order)
  1. SYF Showcase tickets ordering report to Yam Piee or Cuttlefish
  2. Yileng's birthday celebration@ Newton Food Centre, 6pm
  3. Recording for Cuttlefish's charity concert next week during a xiaozu practice --> Long Teng
  4. YQP Shirt Design and Finalization --> Xinyi
  5. Cockroach's CIP project, after that section outing --> 16th Sat, CIP 9am to 1pm
- - -

Just one day, do grab the opportunity to screen through the Tai Yang full scores, whether in detail or not. Today while on the MRT ride home, I grasped every second on my finger with my gaze just fixated on those tiny curves, lines and notations on the mildy tattered scores. I feel the thorough exhilaration in me; so some call it adrenaline. The energy of these scores, believe it or not, actualized waves of memories and experiences I had last year, when YQP was playing Gu Shi. There was a rustic, rather pleasant semblance to it.
And then I recalled how our section was always very bonded, be them little activities like section outings, section lunches in between practices, or more serious matters like NYCO Concert or of course the biennal SYF Central Judging. To tell you the truth, our section was not always very bonded. To be precise, YQP was only bonded as certain batches at some points of time. Remember those days when you look at your seniors with such awe (or gore), always wondering why they were always in loop of all events going on, when you struggle to stay as a good junior without igniting the furies of them all? Remember those days when you glance upon your juniors with such repulsion, revulsion, repugnance, wondering what they were doing flapping their arms over the yangqins not using their wrists at all though repeatedly told?

Maybe you didn't encounter such scenarios in the whole of your YQP life, or rather as of now. But I had, have, and am to go through such negativity as I continue into the last two years of my gruelling YQP journey. However, one significant event will shape our section much, and that is the playing of Tai Yang as one section with ages spanning 14 to 19. Why do I say that? In case you do not know what had been going on, we will be inviting YQP seniors (who had graduated) Shawn, Ziyi, Felicia, Jiang Chuan, Daphne and Ying Hui back to help with Tai Yang percussion parts.
You may ask why such severity and formality is applied as I write this for you. It might not be as critical as SYF, and certainly not determining of all your results in YQP, but think of it: Has Daji ever been so highlighted upon in the whole of your YQP life? Not that of mine certainly. Tai Yang. Famous for its fame; it is a percussion concerto to let a percussion section come to life from its usually dead resume. So while we must be serious about it, we must not forget about the fun bits that make the YQP camaraderie! Of course there will be no worries attached to this issue since YQP is quite a self-entertaining group afterall. I am sure we will all have fun anytime, anyplace.

Here's a practical action plan:
Practice (hard, right, sufficiently)
Admire each other (in a friendly way and bond as a section no matter junior/senior)
Inculcate good habits (wahaha)
Grace mistakes (and strive for the better)
Utilise time (and be a good time keeper!)

And you will be on your way to be an excellent YQP member! Whee. :D

- - -

Today is a bad daaaaaaay!

Siao-ed 6:54 PM


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