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Sunday, July 01, 2007
1) We are the most enthusiastic section no matter in consideration of the instrument nature or or of the human characteristics. We are often seen giggling during dazu, "in our own world" as quoted from Mrs Ee, but really... we are just hyper (albeit too much) good girls.

2) We are the section with the widest age range but still keeping in contact! From shrimps like Rachel, Yunge, Sylvia, Yuka, Weishan and Jocelyn to the absolute shark like Yileng, all of whose ages I shall not reveal. Despite the apparent age gap, we remain a happy bunch.

3) We have a wide range of personalities in our section. Like the jumping cuttlefish, the satirical apple, the "act cute" baby, and even a extremely cool and handsome one like me. Be honoured okay. With the diverse culture, our section is especially dynamic (with no reference to forte or piano whatsoever).

4) We occupy the most space in M4-01, and literally in NYCO. Not the size of the population, but definitely the volume (note, it is not just the diameter) the space we and our revered instruments occupy. Do you dare to defy the fact that the timpani set can hold up to half of the tanbo section in its space?

5) Like normal human beings we have our ups and downs; highs and lows. By this I mean that our section does have VERY slack times but of course VERY VERY diligent moments too. I will be quick to add that we bounce back very quickly from the lazy eras though.

6) We are probably one of the most versatile groups of people in the whole orchestra. Yangqin and Percussion. Yangqin... and ... Percussion. What does this imply? Meaning we switch between percussion and yangqin (sometimes by choice, most of the time coerced *ahem*) during different songs! So do not fret when you see me whacking the yangqin like a biangu (if you ever do). I might just be having a spasm.

7) We are the icing sugar atop of the cake, also known as "hua long dian jing", a famous chinese proverb. Yangqin is always the backbone of the orchestra! Without the yangqin where do you get your mesmerizing melodies. And percussion, the big brothers of all the majestic pieces (like Tai Yang) and the gentlemen (sissies, oops no) of less noisy pieces (Mo Li Hua?). Without percussion you're like missing a rib off your chest.

8) We are family. And truly you guys make up my happiest moments in my Nanyang life.

1) Shawn the prawn attends many practices with us though she graduated some seven months ago. In fact, she attends more practices than some of the other NYCO members I know of.
2) Only Xin Yi and I love (or rather, eat) cockles, out of the 25 members of YQP.
3) Rachel and Rachel are both Secondary Ones. One is snow-white while the other chao tar.
4) Our usual haunts during lunch breaks (holiday time) are Coronation Plaza (where the prawn and pomelo reside in) or POO(L)side, occasionally at KAP or Bukit Timah plaza.
5) We have had a President (Jiang Chuan!) and MGAs from our section. Teehee.
6) We have an unofficial treasurer in the section, namely Xu Hao this year!
7) We are often hit upon by surprise guests like spiders, cockroaches or even lizards in the Daji area of M4-01 or the YQ room alike.

1) Ya Zi Ban Zui
2) Huang He Zhi Shui Tian Shang Lai
3) Long Teng Hu Yue
4) Lao Shu Qu Qin
5) Gu Shi
6) Gun He Tao

1) Animals: Feline etc.?
2) Humans: Baby etc.?
3) Plants: Apple etc.?
4) Non-living beings: Pencil etc.?
5) And of course... weird things like X'mas X-ray. Don't know how to group her!


1) Solid: When we play we exude a certain charming aura with such confidence.
2) Liquid: When we are exhausted we lie on the ground to sleep (when you play percussion at the back of course). When you play yangqin the most you can do is press your face against the strings. Wonder if you ever tried that (or am planning to try?)
3) Gas: When we are elated we evaporate into annihilation! And sometimes random people like Shawn would fart.

Needless to say of course, we need the two instructors (ET & Qu Lao) for our two types of instruments and of course two different to contain the instruments.

25 people,
50 drum sticks / qin zhu,
100 hands and legs...
The one and only YQP.
- - -
Such a long post! Whee!

Siao-ed 12:00 AM


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