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Sunday, July 22, 2007
Dearest YQP,

All of us know that our section had been plagued by conspiracies, by bad luck and senseless nonsense these very few days, or weeks. Sure, people might had been going around gossiping about any aspect of us, from physical to emotional. And all of us experienced the same pain, the same hurting pride when we are attacked upon when we had been so innocent.

Human beings can be extremely jealous. They would quite love to spoil our fun and joy together as a bonded section, as a family, when their groups or organizations are not as wonderful. Remember, whatever comes along, that might have sounded awful, felt awry... take it as a compliment and as a chance for improvement.

1) We are too bonded?
Sure. We are really too bonded, but instead of breaking up our beautiful bonds, we should spread our influence to the rest of those other groups who lack the bonds, who lack the force together.

2) We occupy too much space in M4-01 and deprive you of a room of your own?
Deepest apologies, due to the nature of our instruments, we really need the space. We are sorry if you are feeling squashed in that corner of your room, if you would like to change the space with us, feel free to approach any of us and we can perhaps reason it out, provided that you have the best reasons though.

3) We are not as good as any other group of individuals in the orchestra.
Thanks for reminding us, we know, but that doesn't equate that we are lousy. We are constantly improving upon ourselves and giving our very best to the orchestra. If you fail to see the efforts we make, I am sorry to say that there's nothing we can do. We are determined to prove ourselves strong.

No matter what, you bond your section first, before bonding the orchestra.

Yours Sincerely,

- - -

We shall not post anything bad or any person or section. Why should we? (: We're nice, happy people. Instead, let's take this opportunity to learn how to mature like wine does, and to be gracious understanding individuals. If you'd made any nasty comment in reply to anything you'd heard, feel guilty but get over it quickly.


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