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Saturday, July 21, 2007
ok i just realise that i DO know yqp's email afterall :) so, for chewy's request of me blogging in yqp's blog.
i just went to watch a concert organised by East Zone chinese orchestra schools erm... development something (direct translation *smiles* my chinese is HORRIBLE).
so basically 5 primary and secondary school students from Centre Conservatory of Music (primary and secondary division) came to perform, at Young Musicians'Society Arts Centre (waterloo st)

and so the programme started

It was quite an eye opener for all of us there. It's quite different, the way they played their instruments (yangqin, pipa, erhu, guzheng and suona) and they are r-e-a-l-l-y good. Their ji ben gong and technical skills are marvelous. (and what do we lack... -.-) Look at them submerged into their music, unaware of the audience, just playing for the sake of playing... It's really nice.

oh btw, peiyan! the yangqin girl played huang tu qing :P and i think i'd died halfway trying to play like her. (and her teacher is HUANG HE... * drops jaw*)

anyway, oh yes, what i m saying is that going there was quite worth while. and it set me thinking. When everyone was accompanying the suona, they all had taifeng, which is good. Cos people tend to think that "oh, i am am accompanist, so this music is not really mine, so i don't need to put my heart and soul in to it." and that is actually very wrong. It's the effort of every performer on stage that leads to a successful performance. So we should give our best everytime during dazu. And we shoudn't think that "oh, a yangqin is barely audible during dazu. so it's ok if we play anyhow. Doesn't matter anyway."

ok, and i don't know what else to say. just that we should behave like a performer every time we go on stage, whether or not we are the soloist, or one of the many many people in an orchestra.

p.s. additional note! my BLOG is dead. :)

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