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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
okie, just so NOBODY forgets (including me)
This thursday 2nd of August, 10.30 am (our recess time) please proceed to m4-01 for cleanup. Do remember to bring along rags and other cleaning material. Since we're at it, we mind as well split ourselves up and some do yqp room while others do daji section.
Also on this thurday is the hand-over to new com. All sec ones can come watch too :) And i'm supposed to politely invite the instructors to watch as well. So should the instructors need to plan their lessons, please inform them that we have hand-over so that they can 'structure' their lesson. (i have math lessons until 4 hor. py can only come after 4.30) The hand-over starts at 4.15, please clear the drums to make way for the CO to come in.
Yunge, remember to ask Mr. Toh to fix the crash cymbals okay, we can't keep using the chinese ones :). and wat about our paigu and dagu for taiyang? i tot we need extra dagu and our paigu going to buy rite...
I'm going to moan.
Aug 25th is the LAST performance for the Sec 4s liao:( We are all going to miss miss MISS YQP!!!!!! Jia you and work hard for concert next year. I keep saying we have the pro-est juniors, so must live up to it:) And we are coming back for it to play or to ban instruments oso can, anything oso can...Chewy and Jama, must leave us something to do kay:)

To the Sec Ones: Meng lian your ji ben gong - it really will help. I'm sure you will fall in love NYCO and YQP just like the rest of us! We really are the best-est section in the whole whole whole ...

To the Sec Twos: MY PRO JUNIORS. we've got a gu pro, a mallets pro and a yangqin pro. All three of you will be sec 4s during the next SYF :) and NO MORE BANANAS xinyi. ITS ALL YOUR FAULT

To the Sec Threes: Joy, though you are new to the section, you are learning fast and get along well with the section:) Chewy and Jama: both of you kept me sane during all the stressful CO periods :) we're our little san jiao lian ai

To the Sec Fours: you noe i love all of you. haha i also noe you all love me:)

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