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Friday, July 13, 2007
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At this time of the year, back in Secondary One. I was going through the worst stage of my CCA life. My lack of enthusiasm was complemented by detrimentally lousy skills, grumpy teachers and demanding seniors who all have high expectations set upon me.

I remembered going for CCA with such lacklustre eyes. And how I dreaded the "private lessons" with Guo Lao Shi when he would confine me to a biangu outside the YQ room, forcing me to practice on the 7 basic drum practices for the whole of the lesson with him, alone. Qu Lao Shi had the special ability to reduce me to tears though the most she did was lash another of her moodswings onto me and a couple more of unkind words with a increased decibel volume, and"tada" there I was, lesser than a lesser being. And defeated.

At this time of the year, back in Secondary Two. I was officially wacky, weird and voraciously passionate. My skills seemed to have improved drastically from last year, good enough to honour the grace of the timpani and how the teachers, especially Guo Lao Shi, now start to praise me instead of shooting my mistakes down. I got along with seniors better, and as tight-knit as a ball of yarn is, YQP is the love of my life.

As much as I had regretted many decisions in my life, I never regretted stepping on the pathways of YQP. What will I be doing in YQP during this time then? The future awaits me.

- - -

And I have such wonderful juniors! :D

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