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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

1) Today's celebration
2) YQP Tee
3) Upcoming performance updates etc.

1) Today's celebration of Guo Lao and Cassandra's birthdays!!

When Guo Lao stepped into M4-01, he was warmly greeted by, erh, a roar from Shawn. Then after much crapping, he talked to us about SYF and how he's doing in Switzerland (he's learning how to conduct European music by the way) and how he had slight depression, with the language barrier, diet issues and all that. Oh he also said that people who join CO in primary/secondary schools always stop in the end and it's different compared to those who learn western music because they play it when they're little kids but they still play it when they're reaaaally old.

He basically told us that we have to know what we value most, what we're passionate about and what our aims are, because it doesn't mean we can't be in a chinese orchestra just because we're working adults. "Singaporeans always say that they don't have a choice, but that is not true. We always have a choice to do what we want."

Oh oh anyway! We now have a section Friendster account (: I don't have a very stable internet connection, so I shall update a few photos and save the rest for Friendster.


octopus frenzy.

guo lao somewhat looks like he's advertising some magic knife and cass is the model -.-
i see an uncanny similarity here............... o.O

chew fei has a quirky expression.

everyone lubb octopus.

2) YQP Tee

Okay everything is finalised except that Amanda, Xu Hao, Jaime, Joy, Yunge, Wei Shan, Ziyi and Jiang Chuan haven't passed me the money...

Anyway, as the printer doesn't have stock for yellow polo tee in "kids" size (32-42), he has to order so the printing time will be about 10 days. So if I go to the printer tomorrow, we'll be able to get the shirt next Friday.

Please try to pass the money to me by tomorrow's 2nd recess! Class 209 (:

3) Upcoming performance updates

I recently received an email from the organiser of the YFC charity concert at ACS Barker. Unfortunately, the concert response has not been as well received as expected, so it has been called off.

However, we will still be performing 龙腾虎跃for the pavillion opening on Aug 15. ET wants to practice that with us because Mrs Ee has specifically requested him to do so. Yeah and who's playing the paigu ah? o_O Speaking of which, I have no idea when the new paigus are coming (I only know Mrs Ee asked for quotation already) but we really need them soon. .___.

Siao-ed 8:48 PM


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