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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
aiyo, i am feeling emo now cus hor i just read all your blogs and then THEY ARE SO TOUCHING...i have such amazing juniors, nobody else can compete with you all =) so i am going to attempt to be equally amazing and acknowledge all my seniors in this post!

Chooi Sum!
I will always remember the counter strike and lemon chicken story. And how you thought me the basics of percussion, how nice you were during the auditions when we first came in. plus how you used to give us section motivation talks after huanghe prac, sitting on the chair with the rest of us surrounding you.

The first yangqin lesson i had, you taught me and peiyan some xiao ding dang song. Which i will never forget btw. haha. Then both of us were very shy, everything you say we will just give you a smile..never talk at all. I also remember how you would tease ms sia and put her in a good mood =)

DAFFY DUCK! haha you are going to be so paiseh, but the one thing i will forever remember is the day when guolaoshi took video of us when we were pracing longteng. and then he say want to go show the dunman jonathan..and your socks kind of dead!

Jiang Chuan!
POKE! during my first co camp the huibao, i was super super scared. then later when mrs ee ask how come i so lousy, u all say that cus i was very nervous. THANKIE SO MUCH oh oh oh and i also remember your naifen!

thankie for the nuts, the chips, the chocolates.....the billions of food we illegally consumed behind at the daji area! that time you played timp for long teng, i still remember guolaoshi say you like dancing around like that! =) and then your turn shawn into a girl project failed too =)

i absolutely worship your mallets skills!! first you play for xing kong and then first time already so pro no mistakes. then for chun you play the super hard xylo score without blinking an eye. ahaha whenever i tink of you, i tink of the way you said: Daphne darling

Everytime i very scared, i always start to freak out and you will always be there to say, dun worry one, sure can. plus you help me get out of playing yangqin for huanghe =) haha we both got out of it! One of the best camps in my life was when we played card games together everynite during CO camp when i was sec 2. and i remember us freaking out before going in to see ms sia, haha and then we always dun wan to go first or last

POKES EVEN HARDER! i will always remember the time you came up with the dig a grave and bury yourself behind the timpani thingy! Thank you for training me in daji! thankie for letting me get to know your tim! and for all starting the bring potato chips and biscuits for performances trend =) i still recall my first cross country i ran with peiyan, and then at the end you were there holding cold water for us to drink!

thank you thank you thank you for saving my life for yangqin! =) if not i would have died and there will be a tombstone behind the timp with my name inscribed on it =) oh and yes we played gushi dagu together..the whole time you were there coaching me and guiding me and motivating me. and then i still remember you always called us your darling juniors! wheeee

just a note: what ever you all are planning on thursday...I AM NOT INVOVLED! i'll just turn up to eat FULL STOP. but must wait for me before you all start eating hor =P

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