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Monday, August 20, 2007
Do you fancy ancient seniors coming back for a gathering some day, all of us sitting together in a circle proudly proclaiming your love for YQP together? Now here's your chance! Help Cockroach your estranged handsome insect collate information together in the first ever, mega-event, the


Though the above term might sound enhancingly frightening, fret not. Using the most modern of current technology, Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer, Cockroach will be advancing on an exciting journey collecting full names, contact numbers and email addresses from as many YQP members as possible, the oldest currently born in 1984, meaning she is 24 this year! Want to join her on this gruelling journey? Come on down and submit your full names, home numbers, mobile numbers and working email addresses to her email address which you should already know, if you had not already done so. You can also pester our current oldest surviving member Yuen Yi Leng on MSN for more information on her seniors and beyond! The future is there for you. Dig the past and rebuild a better future! Join Cockroach on...

Tada! Don't hesitate... Hurry and come down, NOW!

Siao-ed 8:05 PM


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