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Saturday, August 11, 2007
Hello YQP!

I left my footprints behind such a long time ago, it takes some courage for me to be writing here again. Let this blog post be a formal one then! Through this post, I will like to express my gratitude towards my seniors, the batch of Secondary 4 heroines who are about to graduate, comprising Pei Yan, Benita, Amanda and Xu Hao. Not all of you might see this, but I hope my message will be brought across effectively through this platform.

It had been a long, gruelling journey for you in NYGH, in this CCA, and particularly this section. It had been more than three years of constant practices, competitions, and performances for all of you. Thank you for the faith, love and concern all of you had administered onto all of us juniors. Although you are about to graduate soon, I will just like to reiterate the fact that you will forever be part of YQP even if you are not here physically 24/7, like Shawn, like Yileng. Let there be no tears when we bade farewell, and instead we will be happy to let you go as you continue into your next phase of your life. Just remember us!

This is short. Love cannot be expressed in mere words.

Yours Sincerely,
Chewy-Fei on behalf of YQP

- - -

-This is very saddening. I will be Secondary Four next year. T_T
-Secondary One juniors, do you find me very fierce/ scary/ unapproachable?! If so, please kindly help me to become a nicer senior! There must be some weird aura around me such that all of you don't like being around me. T___T
-Secondary Two juniors, am I too friendly/ nonsensical/ weird? If so, please kindly knock on my head (albeit getting a hollow, sonorous sound) and tell me to revert to my normal, reserved self! I am really weird. Urrgh. T_____T

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