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Sunday, August 26, 2007
our DEAREST sec 4s.

we cant state how much we cherish you and how much we've enjoyed our days and months and years in NYCO and YQP with you 4 around.

because words just arent strong enough at times.

i remember how lost we were when we first came in.
i remember how we refused to talk, communicate and interact.
i remember how confused we were when guolaoshi started speaking to us about music in chinese when we usually heard it in italian and german terms.
i remember how we were amazed by that magical term: TAIFENG.
i remember how we couldnt follow the conductor's baton in our first dazu.

i remember how we started section bonding sessions.
i remember how we talked, laughed, teased.
i remember how we ate and almost started throwing food around.

i remember how we learnt, how you taught... that marvelous piece, gu shi.
i remember how the notes echoed throughout SCH.
i remember how we got through FANG KUAI 10!

i remember how we stared blankly at mo li hua then at jian kuai de liang feng.
i remember how we freaked out at the thought of an approaching syf date.
i remember how we practised until our hands could break off.
i remember how we encouraged each other, 'push on. all the way. we'll make it, we will.'

i remember how 'Gold with Honours' resounded in our ear(drum)s over and over again.
i remember how we cheered, how we screamed.
i remember the smiles through the tears, the hugs, the joy.
i remember the 'shan ge' we sang outside the performance hall.

so much. none too insignificant.

and i will forever remember all of you.

sometimes i'll turn unrealistic, and i'd pray, i'd wish..
that you would never have to go, never have to leave.

time is fast.
and cruel.

- - -

our dearest sec 4s..

after all we've been through, after all we've done together, after all the wondrous memories embedded, after all the wind and rain we've withstood..

it's so difficult for us not to admit:

we love you.

i'm sorry.
i was feeling emo.


Siao-ed 12:22 AM


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