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Saturday, August 25, 2007
hey hey this is bebeninitata blogging after the LAST performance as YQP batch 2007 =( hm its been an eventful year so as well trained and dutiful nanyang girls let us REFLECT on the past year...

Okay i tink we started off this year in a rush, with all the SYF prep and then plus adapting to the ET-changed-to-BETTY-then-upgraded-back-to-ET (long story la, for the full details, please ask xinyi). So we survived the high stress period and got GOLD WITH HONOURS. I know we struggled alot, but becuase we are YQP, therefore we will forever have the element of laughter to cheer us up! (btw, thanks to the entire of NYCO for ending my last year with such an high note).

Then we got into showcase, which i tink i was freaking out half the time.. hm probably i was getting on everybody's nerves by getting so kan choing =) SORRY! The showcase was well... flop, haha but its okay, we had loads of fun as a section and the seniors gave us food! During the rehersal somebody said 'nanyang, 你们臭好了没有' and you all got quite worked up. Lets just forget what was said okay. So what if other people are jealous of what we can do? just concentrate on your playing, thats more important. ignore the rest of them twits. gosh and i will never forget the day i first scolded somebody so badly...heh

After that was like meng lian taiyang. YOU ALL ARE SO PRO! haha see my juniors learn fast, play super well and are fun to be with! Chewy, you rock at timpani...remember there are only 3 people pro-er than you around our age! wheee and then your jibengong is also ten times better than the rest of us, so jia you! Jama, you and your amazing xiaobo techniques, peifu peifu! plus have more confidence! you are actually good one lor, just must be more sure of yourself. Cass, the MALLETS pro girl, haha you and your *****. keep on pracing and keeping the section in such high spirits all the time! Xinyi, our lead in taiyang and in long teng, pro pro pro pro is all i have to say. oh yes and DUN teach our juniors become so keipo lor, you so bad to me. Wendy, next peiyan to be, my yangqin pro junior =) you somemore b***** i will go and j***** you man =)

haha well since i couldn't finish all the letters, i mind as well post what i have to say on the blog as well la. um wait wat's next? oh yes the long teng streak of performances. begining with the pavilion opening, which by the way, the board of directors will be treating all the performers to ice cream on tuesday. the pavilion opening was bad because of the environment factor, the confusion we experienced before playing and also cus we hardly had time to prac really well. Then for chewy's HMP performance which was so so so amazing la, damn pro. And followed by today's charity concert - xinyi, dun bother abt the tiny minor error, i tell you rite, its okay one. it happens to the best percussionists and plus we are lucky its at the end of the song so not really that bad la. jama, thank you for joining us in the end. =) chewy, thanks for the opportunity for me to perform one last time as a member of NYCO!

so end of reflection! i'm really at a lost, cus i tink i will miss percussion alot next year! no more NYCO to laugh with at the back of m4-01, no more mass changing sessions in m4-02, sorry to have violated the yangqins. no more screaming and yelling and dancing around the daji corner when i'm feeling high, no more making fun of everybody... no more baning instrument at lunch break and running around with the yangqin top. no more after practice or before practice gossips, no more sectional games designed for the creative stimulation of the brain - to come up with A-Z adj. ARGH at least i still get to boast abt my juniors anyway. and i will come back to see you all one! must remember to orientate the new juniors to me.

for the more serious stuff: must tiao qin okay! (even if i dun do that, but THATS NOT THE POINT LA, haha) and then must lian ji ben gong, it helps next time. and then must be respectful to ...somebody... and then help keep daji area clean and maintian the NYCOYQP spirit!

i really really love you all alot alot alot alot. you have made my secondary school life such a wonderful experience

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