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Friday, October 26, 2007
To the Secondary One juniors! :D

Sylvia --> Sweet-looking and bright-eyed, skinny, tall. Recently got a lot more tanned 0_0

And ah! We had seen your determination and efforts no matter whether in Yangqin or Percussion; thank you for always being serious and concentrating during stressful lessons without much prompting from us! A word of advice for you; Don't grow too tall or you will end up being a weird being like ahem Xin Yi or worse ET! Ewww.

Rachel --> Teddy Bear-faced, dark, petite. Recently shrunk tremendously! (Okay maybe I just grew)

And oh! Although you joined the section late, you always tried your best to catch up with your peers and as you had shown, you did accomplish that well! Thank you for your contagious enthusiasm that you had inflicted onto the rest of us, junior and senior alike; this shows how size doesn't really matter! Another piece of wise words for you; Grow taller faster or you will be inversely bullied and abused by tall, weird beings like Xin Yi, ET or even Sylvia! Oops.

Yuka --> Kawaii Japanese face, sotong and blur, a high shrill voice! Recently learnt to bully seniors. 0__0

And eh! You were always the burning beam of bright hope no matter during lessons or out of them... with your constant smiles and laughs! Thank you for always livening up the atmosphere (though you might not probably realize). Your positivity does gear us on during tough times, if any more are to come! Yuka, we challenge you to laugh an octave lower than your current laughter! This is an impossible notion!

Yun Ge --> Wisely looking face, frizzy hair, mature (though that's probably fake). Recently broke the Western Cymbals strap not once, but twice.

And hey! You were the most composed and calm amongst all of your peers. Always breezing through lessons without showing too many signs of anxiety or hypersensitivity! Thank you for always doing your part well also, without too much pushing from the rest of us. Being self-motivated is a virtue on its own! Yun Ge, we shall put you to the test of playing the Western Cymbals with one strap missing! Are you up to it? =P

Wei Shan, another Rachel --> Snow-skinned teddy face (it's not the same as the Rachel teddy bear), stoic expression, petite. Recently changed her hairstyle!

And oi! Careful, meticulous and intelligent, you always caught on fast and was equally efficient in your after-efforts! Thank you for always being observant and dilligent in your quest in YQP, always giving your 100% for pieces you had been playing. We challenge Wei Shan to chop her locks away and keep a short crop like the bulk of us! Short hair is good. :D

Jocelyn --> Doe-eyed, neat short hair, stick-thin! Recently got even thinner, though darker.

And hoy! You were of course the quietest and meekest amongst of all of your peers, since the rest of your peers probably worked in the fish market in their past lives. Thank you for being such a obedient junior and always taking to instructions well and precise! Well we do suspect that you secretly admire ET so you must really speak up more and defend yourself against us to prove your stand! And eat morrre!


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