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Saturday, December 15, 2007
I had been on a perpetual high for a long time since camp ended this noon. I guess this is what you call annihilation... For various reasons of course, but it will be nice to do a recap of NYCO camp in particular for our very own dearest section! The following information will be presented in list formats...

1. First night of camp, working towards a common goal together.
2. The morning on the second day of camp, achieved the goal but striving not to be discovered.
3. The noon on the second day of camp, everybody chipping on the ridiculous but of course fortunate situation encountered.
4. Surviving the bare essentials of camp food... but definitely supplemented by quite a lot of Marmee, hot chocolate, instant noodles and other assorted food. Thank you Wendy and Shawn.
5. Getting by with probably the least sleep in the entire orchestra (even more so for some of us) but probably playing instruments requiring the most energy.

1. Yun Ge starts to become strangely, bizarrely energetic on the second day of camp. Were you possessed?!
2. Yuka looking unprepared in most of the photo shots... You must be extremely unlucky. But it looks candid and nice enough though! (:
3. A record number of people exhausting the world of even more tissue supplies due to a assorted number of reasons. For one, I exhuasted my entire supply of tissue. Sniffing cockroach. -.-
4. Practising on melismatic, mesmerizing condemned yangqins from ten thousand years ago on huibao day.
5. Well people must be wondering why sleeping on the first night and second night seemed slightly different? That's for them to figure.

1. Seniors coming during grand dinner. Seeing them all brings them all the memories... good, bad, all contained in one night. Played card games at one side of the table!
2. Seeing our (ugly, shuai and wacky) pictures on the presentation slideshow. We cheered loudly for every picture! Mind you I was thinking they took all of them from my Friendster profile.
3. Sneering about a certain DUMBASS together... So touching it makes me cry. Wahaha. =)
4. Lying together in danger zone on the first night awaiting doom together. Strangely, it never quite came.
5. All of us surviving huibao... All is over and the best is to come!

Yours Shuai-ly,
Canned Cockroach

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