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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hello my dearest association members! I am currently on a plane now and I am extremely bored... It's only two hours into my flight and I have probably about sixteen more to go. Wakaka! T_T And I cannot sleep because the old ang moh infront of me is snoring really loudly. Bless him.

You might have noticed that there are quite a number of missing blog posts, approximately about ten. Well, if you would bother to log into the account, you would realise that all of these posts are about a certain person... better not to be named. I had saved these posts as drafts instead of publishing them out in public, as suggested by Xin Yi as well, because of some very good reasons, and all of this is for the better of YQP!

Well... the journey ahead for YQP will take a great leap into the future of 2008. There will definitely be changes, some good some bad, but we must overcome them quite peacefully. Let me take a good example. Having experienced the transition of our percussion instructors from Guo Lao to ET currently, from how we had depended on Guo Lao so much and (truthfully) detested ET quite a lot, we had learnt to be independent from Guo Lao now and actually communicate with ET much better than before. This is a call for celebration! We have actually... matured, much like wine. Haha.

Concert year will be busy but surely exciting. I remember a year ago, concert period was when we bonded the most and had the most fun! Ahaha, I will never forget how we played GU SHI!!! How Xin Yi broke her super new bass drum mallets during the performance, how we put powder on our drums and even how we swayed to our drums quite comically during Fang Kuai 5. Let us discuss some possibilities to ease our lives next year.

Other than coming for all practices and practising well at home, which are rather of essentials... we can:
1) Start acting cool and shuai like me. I know you hate to admit this, but my suave mannerisms charm you all, all the time and if we all ever apply this in the songs we play, we are clear to win the crowd over and make them percussion lovers forever and ever and ever. Muahaha.

2) Be more serious and attentive during xiaozu and dazu. This is a call for the Secondary One juniors, not saying that you guys are doing badly, but we sure can all cut down on our buzz (and unnervering mouths) and perhaps spot some obscure moles on faces of Mrs Ee, Qu Lao and ET, when bored.
3) Show the WHYKILLPEE spirit! This encompasses enthusiasm, kindness, wit, coolness and last but not least eecentricity = the perfect YQP member. How we all achieve this together, is through all the bonding and experiences we go through. Be rest assured I will plan all the parties and weird surprises you need for the more relaxing aspects.

Oh why... you can also start loving Qu Lao and ET. However mood-swinging Qu Lao is and poker-faced ET is, they are humaaaaaan afterall and they need the care. Ahahaha. I feel like I had said something rather controversial but oh well, let's be nice people. For once.

I need to go to the toilet to poo poo! See you people.

- I love my tonglei. Don't squash them when you see them in toilets. Rarrh.

PS: Please post and tag here as frequently as you can! These include people like Sylvia, Jocelyn, Wei Shan, Yuka and Yun Ge! You all never blogged before! Rachel if I am not wrong you only blogged once. -.- Cass and Wendy you all blog a lot last time but these days it's hardly! Nowadays only me and Xin Yi and Shawn blog... So please blog!


PSS: I will do something about the photos soon! Don't worry, for everyone's convenience I think I would simply set up a YQP photobucket account! Check it sooooon. :)

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