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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Once upon in a faraway land, there lived a group of little girls from Nanyang Chinese Orchestra. These girls come in a range of short to long hair, puny to towering height, perfect sight to perfectly blind... BUT... They are all so different in character and personality, and yet some day they had fate to come together to become YQP (or you can call it Yang Qin and Percussion aka Yang Ching Dah Chee Association).

These girls are special because they can play both the Yangqin and the Percussion, both being vastly different instruments in spite of the commonly shared "hitting" technique used widely in the two's pieces and songs. Alright, let's not go further into the technical aspects of such differences. Afterall, who cares?! (:

Tomorrow, these girls will attend NYCO camp, an adventure all of them will embark on for three days and three nights. Alright, it is really quite a relaxing adventure isnt' it! However, to enjoy the camp to their utmost, they must take note of certain things...

1) To remember to adhere by their packing lists! If you'd forgotten about your undergarments, me the cockroach I am not going to help you in that aspect!

2) To remember to bring a personal mug for your teethbrushing... and even drinks!

3) To be requested to bring a spreader for your... ahem delicious breakfast! Rachel Tan the black has kindly volunteered to bring this for us! Thanks a lot. (Per section)

4) To be requested to bring a pail and a scoop to enhance your bathing facilities! If you don't mind my cockroach scent all over my stuff, I will bring mine! (Per section)

5) To bring an open mind to the camp! It will be fun if you tide over the tough parts. Example, hui bao. But don't worry about it too much, it will pass!

And so that's about all for these girls... After the camp, when all of them will become high and happy and bonded together most hopefully, how about some post camp entertainment! On the 14th of December after breaking camp, RICO will be holding their concert (refer below).

RICO @ Singapore Conference Hall, 14th December Friday
Matinee - 3pm, $6

Night - 8pm, $10

Have you had any friends there? Do you think you can lend them your support! If so, please inform me as soon as possible, probably by tonight! For the juniors, it will be quite an eye opener to watch other orchestras play! And of course, to scoop on their standards as well. ((:

Back to NYCO Camp. Please bring whatever leisure activities/ games you think might make the camp even better! Or extra food, etc. I will be contesting for us to sleep in our dearest cockroach-infested YQ room as a section! (Sleep with my tong lei, interesting lerh.) Alright see you bye! It had been a long time I last posted here. Now suffering from a massive backache and bruised arms. See you! :D

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