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Saturday, January 19, 2008
And finally the day had passed transiently with the stream of anxiety well kept within. Cockroach in her very exponential of a philosophical mood sincerely thanks the entire section Why Kill Pee which had contributed much into making today a great success, if not even an enjoyable process too. Cockroach would also seize this opportunity to hereby settle a few administrative matters (soon be soon, pass be pass, this will pass soon):

1) SCO Spring Rhapsodies Concert: The one your beloved gay ET and lovely stunning QLS is performing in. So would I confirm that everybody will be attending this extremely exciting concert at the Singapore Conference Hall at 8pm after our Combined practice on Friday 26th Saturday 2008? Tickets are priced at $15 or $20. I would recommend to get the $20 tickets in order to obtain a better view of the orchestra. Nevertheless, I had decided to engage the help of these people to help me disseminate and confirm this information with their same-level peers namely Sylvia for the Secondary Twos, Wendy for the Secondary Threes and Joy for the Secondary Fours. Will these honoured chosen ones please confirm with me the details by 10pm on Saturday (today)? Thank you you three, you shall be blessed. *blesses you* I will make the event compulsory for all YQP members since there is a new requirement for all NYCO members to attend at least three concerts a year. Also, this will be counted as a section outing (with dinner too)!

2) Lunch practices for YQP: Alas, I know life is hard and we are all busy with other commitments. But this is life, and we must make the best of it. The Yangqin dudettes will be strongly encouraged to tune the majestic instruments you play on since you had proved yourselves to be rather capable in the versing of the piece. Don't blame me, this is life. Percussionists, you will learn that it will help you some time some day! In the event that I am not here, seniors please do take over my responsiblities and guide whenever necessary. More will be elaborated on when the first lunch practice comes. Do not be late, arrive punctually for not more than ten minutes late, and not without a valid reason.

3) NYCO Jacket, NYCO Jackfruit, NYCO Jackpot: Like Sheila had requested during Dazu, please inform me of your choices for the NYCO jacket by Saturday 10pm through SMS, MSN or even email.
a. Design (NYCO Logo or "Yue")
b. Embroidery VS Printed (fully printed OR logoprinted designembroidered OR designprinted logoembroidered OR fully embroidered)
c. Any other constructive suggestions.

That is about all. Friday was a good day no doubt exhausting (all the muscle building from the carrying of instruments!). Continue with the drive for Tai Yang, YQP, we can do it! We will show the world that we can be cool, shuai and mesmerizing (like the incredulous Chewy Shuai-Ge)no matter playing Yangqin or Percussion. We will also flail our arms around in full parade of the GL and QL "taifeng" spirit. Not really ET, because he does way gay-er stuff.

Okay till then, farewell!

Siao-ed 12:45 AM


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