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Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm sure many of you are disappointed about not being able to attend Rhapsodies of Spring. Well I'm here to fill you in about what happened during the concert! Yes I attended (so did Pei Yan!) and I was lucky enough to get the $88 tickets for free! (: Long story.

So the concert started off with 龙腾虎跃! A lot of parts were modified, especially the paigu solo (nowhere near the one we know) but still, Song Yi Bo is really pro! After than was 春and another song I can't remember ._. Then there was all the 958 DJs and Kit Chan stuff, and ended with 太阳!

It was a LOT faster than our version, really. Especially allegro (nearing 165 bpm). Even menno mosso was really fast. The paigu soloist (Song Yi Bo, female percussionist from China, trained from age 7) played yunluo too, and the main timpanist (Tan Loke Chuah, who was percussion principal while Guo Lao was away) played mallets as well. A few wrong notes here and there didn't allow much fluency (speed's part to blame), but generally it was quite good! Oh and in case you're really concerned about how your beloved instructors did, they did pretty well. She definitely did not lack flair (as USUAL) and he can roll on bass drum with traditional grip o_o

Okay I can't think of any other interesting/important details. That ends my review. Tata.


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