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Saturday, February 23, 2008
i should have done this last night or this morning... it seems so late already.
ahhwells nevermind. i still must post it anyway :D

i think this will mark as one of the really hilarious, fun and memorable section outings for this year. erm. at least i think so. not so sure about the others but anwayyy on the whole, we all thought that the masterclass was a highly educational (in the context of the marimba) and entertaining. i felt that it was a miracle that i didn't fall alsleep. lol.

ok so the day went like this. at 3, yqp started to gather at m4 and then everyone was either slacking, doing homework or helping one another doing homework. and because the nyco comm was having a meeting in m401, and m402 was small and squashed and didnt have space to do homework, the people who were doing homework were lying on the floor on their stomachs doing homework. (the floor isnt very clean but who cares. comfortable can liao:D)lalalala for once, i thought doing maths on the floor was nice. YAY. and i realised jia ni is a really nice junior. she actually skipped talenttime prac to come and join us. so nice of her!! and i was surprised she already read the entry on the nyco diary about joy and et. she's cool.... haha :D and i also found out some interesting facts about pei er, like she say if she doesnt bathe, she would get a cold at night, so she went to bathe!

hmm. then after the comm came out, yqp went into m401 to xiang3 shou4 the air-con while sitting/lying on the table/floor to do homework. but i think the one hour in m401 was more like slack then doing homework.... (and i didnt know sheila plays basketball. you cant tell by just looking at her. o.0) a brief description of the scene in m401: imagine yqp in a circle with some lying down, some sitting cross-legged. space in the middle is covered with stuff like worksheets, files, stationery... there was somehow a pattern. for a few minutes, the circles was quiet. a few minutes later, it becomes noisy again, and the pattern repeats itself. lol!!

at about 5.45pm, we were outside the audi waiting for chewfei to settle some stuff. and then i dont know how it happened, wendy took a short few-seconds clip of yuka running around in a circle then facing the wall to 反省 (??). i was watching the video again during dinner just now and almost choked on my rice. HAHAHA so funny!!

eh. then yepp we walked all the way to poolside (lets skip the details on the way. not very interesting.) shawn and her 2 friends were there already!! ok so we sat down, then we went to change. YQP TEE!! we all ordered the same thing, sweet and sour pork with rice, and same drink, green tea. green tea is nicee xD but after ytd's experience, i realised something. going to hc for dinner on a normal school day is not a good idea. really. -.- in any case, dinner was ok :D

we waited for a long time for 151 to come, i remember. i keep seeing alot of sbs buses but none of them seemed to be 151. sheesh. so we entertained ourselves with gossiping about joy and et, telling jokes, and taking the chance to know more about each other. eg now i know cass likes her IH teacher and joy actually responds to her name mrs toh. but i still think the best part was the time on the bus. xinyi and joy were super hilarious!! HAHA ah ah and cass too!! she kept laughing while telling this funny story about how her friend eunice was obssessed with tamil in pri 5. LOL. though i didnt really under what the funny part was about but i was amused by cass' expression. HAHA.

something happened while we got off the bus and made me laugh reeeeeal hard. joy was like, "dont call me mrs toh!!" or something like that, then she nearly tripped on the steps and nearly fell. i dont know why lah, but i just started laughing like siao while trying to walk straight on the pavement. sylvia then tried to imitate me trying to tell her what happened, and that just made me laugh even harder!! i was on the brink or just plopping down to the cement floor to continue laughing. xD

one of the most amazing things of the day: chewfei and pei er look like older sister and younger sister when they are holding hands and walking together!!

i realised that they both:

and the most important one (i think)

ok wait. we all are. but anyway, i was just trying to point out some differences mah. YAY. credit sylvia for the photo :D

you know i actually imagined yongsiewtoh hall to be something much bigger. i never knew it was the size of the air-con room in third lang... and the sound-proof system hurts my ears. the moment the room is quiet, there's this ringing sound and the my ears start to hurt. its happens in the yangqin room too. i wonder why. i think its the pressure. ah sheesh.

when yunge and weishan arrived, they settled down beside xinyi. then xinyi told weishan that et might sit beside them when he comes, so they 2 of them shifted to the 2nd row. but when et came, he went to sit beside weishan. in the 2nd row. lol weishan was so gang1 ga4 her stomach ache intensified.

sylvia the crazy woman imagined this crazy thing. she was imagining us standing up and saying, "good afternoon mr toh!" in this loud and enthu voice. she is so damn ridiculous, so damn funny!! then she was saying that et would be putting one hand to his face, murmuring, "no i dont know them. they are greeting the wrong person...." LOL i thought it was very amusing :D

yes and finally at about 7.45pm the masterclass started!! the marimba is cool, the 4 players are cool, glifford howarth is cool as well!!

we learnt more about diff techniques used to play the marimba and how it actually can be used as an instrument on its own instead of just a percussion instrument used to accompany other instruments. we thought the class was interesting cause we havent heard someone play the marimba so pro-ly before and u cant admit that the songs werent nice RIGHT?! yea and we thought we would be hearing glifford howarth play the marimba himself but he ended up only playing bits and pieces of songs -.- lol. its really a different experience as this is our first time attending a masterclass and we get to see things done live and close-up e.g. u get to see how diff playing techniques work etc. yea. we're not exactly pros at marimba's so, thats about the overview.

after attending the masterclass, we learnt that different types of mallets produces diff types of sounds. the way we hit, the way we hold the mallet, where we hold the mallet, and many other diff techniques, all help to produce different sounds. we're really amazed by the skills of the performers.

we learnt that a better way or double rolling is to hit both notes at the same time first before rolling, and i rmb glifford howarth said it as something like an attack... this way the rolling would sound more even and clean. yay :D we also learnt that its not advisable to be aggressive throughout. we must know how to relax at the correct places. he also thought us that when a hand is holding 2 mallets while playing, we should know how to keep them from clicking together. one way he said was to put tape. we can explore the diffferent sounds produced when playing the marimba as different sound quality can create diff feels to satisfy the atmosphere of the song.

and of course, through the masterclass, live performance is important and thus the performers actually gave us the deeper impressions. all of them are pro - their technical skills being far beyond imagination, the musical sense being extremely natural.. so on so forth.

as the saying goes: practice makes perfect. the performers must have put in alot of effort in daily practice. their performance makes us wonder how much hard work had been put in to make their showcase a success. its was so good that each person only made a few not noticeable (to me and yuka at least) technical mistakes which could only be seen/noticed after they were pointed out by glifford howarth.

hahaha and i never knew the marimba could play so many different genres of music. LOL
and the taking photo thing was abit to sudden. like, i never knew they would want to ake
on the whole, the masterclass rocked!!!

hee thats about all i wanted to say... hmm. its a very long post!! if you managed to read all the way down here, then congratulations!! xD

rachel the beetle on behalf of Why Kill Pee Sec 2s 2008.

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