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Saturday, February 02, 2008
Yo everyone, here's the fabulously cool and handsome Cockroach. Thank you Sylvia for that previous update on the YQP CNY Party (Haha I forced her to do it). Just wanted to fill in some details or observations that I felt was relevant to facilitate your understanding of this whole amusing affair.

Okay so while Benita managed to get Ms. Qu Lao (or we can use QQ for easier typing) to cease her fanantical Yangqin enlightenment, over at the Percussion side we were running out of time because Mr. ET was either clueless about the party or pretending to be so. Now, we know, it always seems fishy when i) the section's seniors come back altogether; ii) your students seem to be especially giggly on that day; iii) when your SL looks at the clock every two minutes. Let's hope Mr. ET never grows smarter and we can continue pulling such gags on him. We deceived that we will be practising the new SHA DI ER piece at 5.00pm, before he extended it to 5.15pm, then 5.30pm. Eventually everyone got quite anxious and fed-up so I could sense that Joy the poo was desperately wanting everything to stop (from her facial expressions). He still didn't get it. Sighness!

Haha in case you didn't know, the speech was supposed to be a skit but due to the lack of time and practice we never got about to do the skit anyway! Throughout the skit we presented gifts to the different birthday recipients, of which I was most proud of were the colourful mushroom soft toys from More Than Words. A long time ago, Jaime Jamma Jackpot was in love with those mushrooms... Tada! XD

And so we engaged in the paper purse game, which was supposed to be a TISSUE BOX GAME but we somehow forgot to bring that tissue box and I had to fold a purse out of paper to get this purse. It was quite exasperating! Xin Yi was also frantically tearing out the little pieces a few minutes before the CNY rehearsal commenced (before Mr. ET came). CNY rehearsal was not very satisfying as usual, but it was fascinating when my volleyballer friend recalled that she actually "stopped to look when the drum people raised up their arms, so I almost ran my face into the net". By the way, Rachel didn't come so it was still relatively spacious. Haha.

Alright back to the game, haha let's listen to the joke of the day, by Shawn. So I was briefly telling her about some of the questions we raised during the game over MSN. One including: "(Mr. ET) What animal would you be? Why?" To which Mr. ET refused to divulge, or rather he said he didn't know. Okay so deep in our hearts and Shawn's as well, we unanimously agreed he was an alien. Then Shawn added something like that: "He's not an animal. He's an alien. So (Ms.) Qu Lao can be predator. Alien VS Predator!" JOKE OF THE DAY WHOOO! So funny ahaha!

Other than that Ms Qu Lao also told us about the story of how her percussion co-performer in Shanghai played on the wrong side of the glockenspiel. First burst of humour and unpreceded emotion we saw from her... QQ must seriously score fabulously well for her essays and oral communication because she most certainly managed to lengthen her speech to up to a few minutes to simple questions like "How do you think you were like at our age?". If she didn't go for the musical path, I would have advised her to be a Taiwanese Variety Show host. Of course, if you insisted, the educational type.

Jocelyn brought some really yummy food while Wendy quenched our thirst by bringing packet drinks! The section thanks the two of you a lot! The CNY goodies Jocelyn brought were so good I actually ate a lot as my dinner and didn't consume much of the real solid dinner I had at home. Nevertheless the next day we also entertained ourselves with the remaining goodies during dazu (at the Percussion side). Yangqin people will not want to know how we went about with the entertainment...

Alright, after the game ended some of us went off because it was rather late (tada you all missed all the fun). Some of us stayed back to crap, laugh or simply eat the delicious cakes from Bakerzin that Sylvia kindly bought! I liked the banana one, yum tum tum! So while we continued to coerce Yuka to say "I don't know..." Cassandra the Curly Cuttlefish also proceeded to tickle everyone with a few lame, funny, and DIRTY jokes. Okay not really! X) The situation was thoroughly strange because Mr. ET sat around to listen and sometimes crap along. Yun Ge said something funny which I forgot... alright -_-

Soon after we left (at almost 7pm), and Mr. ET revealed he took Chinese Literature in secondary school. To the unsaavy, that means he recited Tang Shi Song Ci and knew every detail in Shui Hu Zhuan like the back of his hand. Xin Yi, believe it! No wonder he gets along so well with Ms. QQ. Hmmn I think that ends off the very detailed CNY Party update!

Haha sometimes I feel amused when I realise I'm the SL who organizes all such parties and outings. In other words, I'm weird. Okay, sure :)

- - -

Fast forward to Dazu the next day! Mrs Ee was not present so we had Sectionals for one hour, then some practice with Elise after that. Elise, being the dizi manic, practised well with Guan Yue and Xian Yue most of the time so Yangqin and Daji both got some leeway.

During Sectionals we had a minor clean-up and instrumental shifting, so everything is much more organized and coherent. We devised new methods to counter those petty students who come in for Drama then end up touching our precious instruments. Including a spiky new barricade. Refer to below. POKE YOU! Yay :D

CNY Concert really coming on Wednesday. Let's all jiayou for it because we're all in this together whoo! (HSM lol) Like Mrs Ee said, we'll make them (Nanyang girls) go "WOW"! In a good way, of course, not having your qin zhu fly into an audience's face or something.

By the way, that happened to me when I was in primary school. That guy hated me till P6. Haha. :)

The shuai-ge waves farewell!

Siao-ed 8:32 PM


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