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Friday, February 01, 2008
YO PPL! hahahaha gonna post about thursday our PARTY =D ok yup so....i dunno if i can recall EVERY detail but i'll try!

OKAY. so first we managed to get qulao over thanks to benita!! who was very very straightforward haha. so then cause we *ahem* "INFORMED" et that we were gonna prac a new song from 5 onwards, we managed to stop him too! yup so THEN we offed the lights and told et that we were gonna prac in the dark. THEN the seniors all stood in a row and started their WONDERFUL speech =D

which was both in english and chinese =D

so then we started on the game, which was to pass this paper purse around, take out a slip of paper and read out that question to recipient of the question which is basically shawn, felicia, et n qulao! yea so MOST of the questions were (obviously) targeted at et...HAHA and then poor poor xinyi got this "Do u have a girlfriend? if so, can we expect to get ang baos soon?" and et's reply was YES and NO =p

haha ya then we asked alot of questions....and et i think he felt kinda awkward? o.O oh well! =D haha and qu lao handled all the questions with alot of...feng1 du4 (as usual haha). ya! then we started eating the cake, then qu lao had to go off. so she ate HALF cake and et was "pressurized" to eat a whole cake =D yup! mini cakes i mean. THEN we were crapping alot la...seriously. and the juniors think we're SIAO!! =D so cool!!!

haha ya then i had to rush off cause i realised it's wad...6.20 LOL. so dats all i noe =D sry for e short...i realli forgot detailed parts i just remember super funny parts =D

OH ONE MORE THING! et's birthday card had a dagu sticking out of it and it looks like a cockroach! =D which yuka calls xiao3 qiang2 =p

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