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Friday, March 28, 2008
Cockroach is here to make some spanking new changes to the current member involvement in the Yang Ching Dah Chee Association. She notes that the Sectional Leader should not be the only one stepping out and doing work, and that everybody can do a part to make YQP an administratively accomplished section. Skip the lengthy rationales, here goes, and please read through everything here because Cockroach also makes announcements subtlely:

As the section treasurer, you collect and keep collective funds for the section to be used in events of celebration etc. You will have to collect money when there is too little in the funds. However, this will only be done if there are any upcoming events that will require money to be used from the section. Also from now on, you will have to update the section every two weeks about the current amount of money in YQP fund, no matter whether there is a change in the amount or not. This has to be done either through the YQP blog, or through a mass-SMS notice. From now on, you will also be in charge of collecting money for everything as well, such as concerts and the YQP shirt etc. As these are rather simple tasks, it is hoped that you can do it with your initiative without having Cockroach or other concerned members prompting you too often.

There is also a new initiative of a "YQP Accounts Book" whereby you will have to note down all details for the money claims or money collection, and paste all applicable receipts. All details will mean everything possible about the event, like date, time, venue etc. Please prepare this book by the next Xiaozu.

As the section librarian, you will be in charge of collating, filing, and managing of all scores and neccessary paperwork involved. You will also be in charge of updating the scores collection, and photocopying of scores for the section. For this reason you will be the official person in the section to hold on to the section's photocopying card. We will be doing our very first "YQP Score Filing" next week during lunch practice on Thursday. Nobody is to be absent, unless you have a pre-arranged or urgent meeting. Staying back in class to do homework is not a valid reason. Please contact Cockroach for further details about this if you have any queries. Anyway, Joy you are required to get everybody to bring all scores possible, no matter for practice, Xiaozu pieces, Dazu pieces etc. In order to facilitate the filing, you are also required to get 4 big (must be big) ring files, at least 25 file pockets, and all the paper clips you can get. You can buy them, and claim the expenditure from Jaime from YQP Fund.

Secondary Threes
From now on, the three of you will be in charge of the attendance aspect in the section. Cass is in charge of Xiaozu, Wendy Dazu, and Xin Yi section lunches and lunch practices. Here is what you are supposed to take note of: By every Monday, everybody should SMS the respective people their time for reporting, and the reason of absence, if any. So, everybody will need to send 3 SMSes on Monday, one to Wendy one to Xin Yi one to Cass, to mark our attendance for the particular activity. You will then fill in the attendance in the attendance records, accordingly. Cockroach has a whole stack of them with her (for Xiaozu and Dazu), please get them from her. There are no attendance records for Section Lunch and Lunch Practices, though you might like to create your own if needed.

E.g. "Hello Cass! Chewy here. I will be reporting for Xiaozu late at 3.50pm because I have to meet my Council teachers for my projects. Thank you! (: "

If there are absentees for any event, please inform Cockroach with an SMS.

For the three of you, you will also be required to collate excuse letters and MCs from any absentees. The documents can be passed to Siying a maximum of two weeks after the date of absence.

Secondary Twos
Food: You all will help to garner opinions from the section about what to eat for lunches during Holiday practices, and settle them. This will be very evident and essential during the June Holidays.
Barricade: You will be in charge of setting up the barricade diligently after every lunch practice, Xiaozu and Dazu from now on, and getting the rest of us to help. You are also to think about solutions as to how we can improve on the current barricade, and perhaps carry it out. Inform Cockroach first though.

Blog: Someone will have to update about technical / musical / fun stuff after every Xiaozu and Dazu. The updates can be done together, most ideally weekly. Sectional lunch and lunch practices are optional. The updates should be done to reflect learning progress, interesting observations, take-away lessons etc. Most importantly, to summarize the going-ons of that event.

Secondary Ones
You will need to maintain the whiteboard / notice board, and some other amenities in the YQ room. Cockroach will be using the whiteboard quite often for important notices. Please obtain whiteboard/fridge magnets (at least 6), 2 whiteboard markers non-permanent, 1 rubbish bin, 1 clock, and "curtains" for the room. Actually, these curtains simply refer to 2 very big pieces of black / dark coloured opaque cloth that will be sufficient enough to spread over the windows of the YQ room. For the details, please contact Cockroach. So, if the amenities run out (e.g. markers have no ink), please take the initiative to update them. All expenditure can be claimed from the YQP fund. Please get all this done by the next Xiaozu.

- - -


I am so sorry to make you all do this work... ): It sounds unneccesary?! But honestly I feel this will let everyone take responsibility in the section, and that you can make a change in the section even if you're not the SL or a senior etc. I just genuinely hope you can follow all the guidelines and deadlines I set, because well they are really there for a reason, and I'd explained all reasons necessary. An additional request, can you SMS me if you will be okay with all the arrangements set? By Saturday, 9pm! Which is... today!

Anyway, I will send over the email I promised next time. It is a highly emotional letter, so, it takes a bit time and emotional capacity on both my part and your part as well!

Cockroach wants to sleep. Have a happy weekend people :)

BTW: I love you guys for everything you've done for me okay, like the birthday party, hee hee :D

Siao-ed 11:30 PM


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